Senior Secondary

Preparing students for life after graduation is one of the most important aspects of senior secondary school. Although the focus during this period of high school is usually on exams and tests, there are also several other activities and opportunities that students should have exposure to in order to properly prepare them for university and beyond. In this article, Springfield Anglican College discusses what to expect within our senior secondary school program and why we have a reputation as the best secondary school Springfield has to offer.

Co-curricular Activities

The College’s extensive program of co-curricular activities provides our students with the perfect opportunity to be exposed to real-life challenges and experiences. These activities teach our students life skills such as collaboration and social skills which can help shape their character and build resilience. Through educational guidance, our teachers help students use these opportunities to benefit life after graduation.

Student Leadership 

Our senior secondary program emphasises building leadership qualities and skills. We understand the importance of leadership when entering the workforce or applying for entry to tertiary education. The College has developed the RAISE leadership program that gives all senior students multiple ways to develop their leadership skills. As well as improving self-confidence and the ability to recognise one’s strengths, our leadership programs encourage collaboration, service and responsibility vital life skills.

A Strong Alumni Support Program 

Our senior secondary curriculum provides our students with the knowledge and skills to thrive after school. Additionally, we have a growing and supportive alumni community to help students build professional networks. Many of our past students maintain strong ties with the College and offer trusted and personal advice to our students. Many of these alumni are still in University and can give first-person accounts of their experiences since they graduated from The Springfield Anglican College.


During their senior secondary years, students have the opportunity to explore various career pathways. They can also choose to complete a university subject, and some students choose to complete a Diploma of Business. This gives students the chance to test potential occupations they are interested in, and an opportunity to jump-start their university education.

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