Primary Campus

Primary school is a pivotal chapter in a child’s life, and here at The Springfield Anglican College, we’re dedicated to nurturing academic, social, and emotional excellence in our students. Our mission is to empower each young learner, from Prep to Year 6, to shine their brightest.
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From the moment your child starts at The Springfield Anglican College, they will be on a journey of continuous learning and growth. Our Primary Campus in the heart of Springfield provides an authentic, innovative, and exciting curriculum, a nurturing team of teachers, and a diverse range of co-curricular activities to set our students on a path to becoming analytical, creative, and critical thinkers.

We seek to fuel their creativity, spark their enthusiasm, and nurture an unbreakable love for learning. In doing so, your child will develop a growth mindset, push for their personal best, and dive into every learning opportunity with unbridled enthusiasm.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our team of highly qualified specialist teachers are here to guide our students through a comprehensive curriculum that spans Design and Technology, Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Physical Education, Chinese, and Library studies.

The “Fab Lab” Makerspace classroom, our tech-infused learning environment, helps innovative minds to thrive through digital and design adventures. Students learn to harness the creative power of computers, iPads, robots, virtual reality technology, and drones to be at the forefront of educational tools.


Diverse Co-Curricular

The College values a holistic educational philosophy and has a rich and diverse program of co-curricular activities. These may give your child a chance to pursue their talents and passion or may be an opportunity to find a new interest.

Students are encouraged to participate in a co-curricular activity in either a sports team, creative arts ensemble, or other clubs and activities, as they offer a way to extend student’s learning outside of the classroom.

Your child will grow in confidence and develop important skills, such as teamwork, leadership, cooperation, emotional intelligence, resilience, and organisation, all of which are valuable in all facets of College life.

Co-Curricular Activities

Parent Involvement

Learning isn’t just a classroom affair – it’s a shared journey involving teachers, students, and families. Parents, we’re thrilled to have you as partners in this exciting adventure. Join us for classroom visits, engaging parent meetings, and insightful student progress reports. The doors to our College and classrooms are open wide for you.

We’re a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming families of all backgrounds and faiths to be part of our community. Take a moment to download our Primary Prospectus and book a tour to visit our Primary Campus. You’ll soon discover what sets The Springfield Anglican College apart as a truly exceptional place.

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