Executive Leadership Team

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Steven Morris

BMus, GradDipEd, MMusSt, MAppSc, MEd, GAICD, MACEL, FIML


Mr Steven Morris has been the Principal at Springfield Anglican College since early 2020. His philosophy of school leadership is driven by his commitment to innovation, creativity and learning, and he is constantly exploring new ways to improve the experience of education for students to improve the outcomes of their education.

Steven strives to positively and meaningfully impact the lives of those entrusted to his care – notably students, their families, and staff – and inspire others to explore their gifts and become the best person they can be.

Peter Westhead

BA (Hons), PGradCertEd, GAICD

Deputy Principal

Mr Peter Westhead joined The Springfield Anglican College in January 2024 as the Deputy Principal and oversees college-wide educational offerings, operations, compliance, staffing, policy development and engagement with our community. He brings extensive experience of teaching and school leadership from Victoria, South Australia and the UK.

Peter enriches student learning through building the capacity of others and by fostering a culture of excellence. His fervent belief is that everybody can grow, irrespective of their starting point, whether they are students or staff.

Tania Brewer

Dip.Ed. (Prim.), B.Ed.St., Dip. Prof Couns., G.C.App.Ling., GradDip.,RAVE., M.A.C.E., JP

Head of Primary

Meet Mrs Tania Brewer. As the Head of the Primary Campus, she oversees students’ holistic growth and development, teaching and learning, as well as the operational functions of the College, from Kindergarten to Year 6. Tania brings a wealth of experience and a heartfelt commitment to fostering an environment where young minds flourish.

With a journey that began at TSAC’s sister school, St John’s Anglican College in 2000, Tania moved to TSAC in 2007. Committed to both the College and the community, she is focussed on creating a positive learning environment grounded in Christian values and ensuring the TSAC Primary Campus is a safe space where mistakes are welcomed as stepping stones to growth, helping students become resilient and critical thinkers.

Tania is a leader whose dedication and vision enrich every student’s educational journey, fostering a generation of empowered, compassionate, and resilient individuals. Together with her team of exceptional teachers, she has created a Campus that thrives on teamwork, positivity, care, and support.

Richard Clark

B.Soc.Sc. (Hons), PGCE Sec Teaching

Head of Secondary

Meet Mr Richard Clark. As Head of Secondary, he oversees the student care program to ensure that all students feel safe, respected, and cared for. This is achieved through oversight of the four major strands of Student Care:

  • Programs: explicitly taught programs to develop values and skills
  • Behaviour: promotion of positive behaviour responses across the Campus
  • Enrichment: opportunities to develop celebration and fun
  • Compliance: management of Student protection issues

Richard started at The Springfield Anglican College in 2009 and is passionate about promoting holistic education. He firmly believes that all students have enormous potential and that our job as educators is to create an environment where students feel valued for what they bring to their community. Each student should leave formal education understanding how they can contribute and what they can offer the wider world.

His favourite quote is, “People don’t need to know how to make their lives meaningful, they need to know that they already are”.

Sarah Ferguson

Med, BMus Ped

Miss Sarah Ferguson joined The Springfield Anglican College in January 2024 as the Director of Student Life. Within this role, she oversees the Outdoor Education Program, Clubs and Experiences, Performing Arts, and Sporting opportunities available to students across the Primary and Secondary Campuses. 

Sarah has worked extensively across the private and state education sectors in Australia and England. Utilising a holistic approach to education, she believes seamlessly integrating curriculum, co-curricular and student care is integral to supporting students to be their best. Sarah believes that every student can reach their potential by fostering a warm and welcoming community that strives for excellence. 

Royce Mahoney


Director of Teaching and Learning

Meet Mr Royce Mahoney, our Director of Teaching and Learning, who started at the College in 2020. With a passion for the intricacies of education, Royce ensures that a dynamic and highly reliable curriculum is delivered effectively, employing quality pedagogical practices to enrich every student’s journey.

Guided by a deep fascination with learning processes and armed with insights from neuroscience, Royce has developed programs that cater to diverse learning styles, making education accessible to all. His love for history and science fiction fuels his imagination, inspiring him to ignite curiosity and awe in our students.

His personal motto echoes Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom, “Energy and persistence conquer all things,” a testament to his commitment to education.

Jackie McComb

B.Com.(Acc.), CPA

Director of Business Operations

Meet our Director of Business Operations. Mrs Jackie McComb is a CPA qualified Business Manager at The Springfield Anglican College, leading and managing the Finance, IT and Facilities teams. Jackie has worked at the College since 2012. She has extensive experience in the commercial/private sector and believes in placing students and families at the heart of all decisions.

Charlene Stephenson

BBSc (Psych), Grad Dip Comm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Meet our Director of Communications and Marketing, Mrs Charlene Stephenson. Charlene started at The Springfield Anglican College in 2022 and is proud to be a Springfield local.

She has more than two decades of expertise across the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors. A firm believer in the power of strategic communication, she is committed to sharing the dynamic stories of current students, staff, College families and alumni with the College community, community partners, and wider education stakeholders. With a commitment to excellence, she works with the College Community to create creative and meaningful marketing and communications solutions for the College.

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