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Students can follow their passions, develop new interests, or extend their learning beyond the classroom through the wide range of offered Clubs and Experiences.
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Academic Skills


The Opti-MINDS challenge is a team problem-solving competition requiring creativity, lateral thinking, and time management skills. Teams of seven students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 solve problems in Language and Literature, Maths and Engineering, and Social Sciences.

Da Vinci Decathlon:

The da Vinci Decathlon is a national academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate students’ minds. Students in primary and secondary years compete in teams across 10 disciplines, including Science, English, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Engineering, Philosophy, Art and Poetry, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge. The competition emphasises higher order thinking skills, problem-solving and creativity, which is a particularly good avenue for students looking for extension opportunities.


Students develop critical thinking skills as they learn to understand different perspectives and formulate persuasive arguments as a team. The College competes against other schools in the Queensland Debating Union and the St Mary’s Competitions.


The Mooting competition allows Senior secondary students to work as a team to prepare a legal argument as either the appellant or respondent in a law court environment. Students compete in the USQ Competition, hosted by their School of Law.


Creative Writing:

The Creative Writing Club gives students an opportunity to express themselves and develop their writing through poetry, prose, or drama. Students participate in various writing activities designed to stimulate their imaginations and develop their creative skills.


Secondary students participate in drama activities, games and script work to nurture spontaneity, empathise with others, help students think on their feet, and use their imaginations.
Orator’s Circle: Primary students from Years 3 to 6 gather together to write and rehearse a play to perform for Creative Arts Day.

Primary Wordsmiths:

The Primary Wordsmiths use fun games and activities to explore their love of reading and improve their writing. Writing for enjoyment allows students to experiment with language and different genres without the pressure of being right or wrong.

Visual Arts:

Secondary students can join Visual Arts Clun and express and develop their creativity. They explore through a range of artistic mediums, enter their own words in competitions, and create exhibitions.


The Media Club is essential club for all film, media and photography enthusiasts. Students delve into techniques used by industry photographers and film-makers, are able to develop their camera skills, edit their own work using editing software, and enter their masterpieces in competitions.


Climate Crew:

Students are encouraged to study and contribute to solving local environmental issues, including repurposing and recycling programs.

Bee Keeping:

Student beekeepers are taught to look after bees and hives, harvest, process and jar honey from College hives which are situated on the Secondary Campus.



Students are introduced to the rules of chess and presented with patterns and strategies to improve their abilities, developing the brain’s logical, planning and sequential aspects.

Games & Strategy:

Students enjoy playing various games to develop their strategic thinking skills and ability to assess and plan short- and long-term tactics.

Primary Lego Masters:

Students engage in a weekly team-based challenge and are encouraged to develop creative solutions within the scope of a theme. They develop creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, science, and engineering skills as they find innovative solutions to real-world problems.


Primary and Secondary students are involved in three separate Esports teams. The popular program instils important values within students, including fair gameplay, appropriate and constructive communication, and teamwork as students compete against each other and other schools.



Secondary students use high-intensity, low-intensity, cardio, and strength exercises to improve their fitness.

Mountain Bike:

The Mountain Bike Club takes advantage of the expansive and leafy campus and enables secondary students to improve their cycling abilities.


Staff and students play tennis socially on a weekly basis.

Maths and Science

Primary Extension Maths:

Primary Maths Extension students to develop their mathematical abilities, asking them to solve challenging and complex problem-solving real-life situations within a variety of mathematical concepts and mathematical challenges.


Science Club promotes students’ interest through interactive and educational activities that complement the syllabus. Students in Years 4 to 6 extend their understanding and skills across the different science disciplines, with the help of secondary students.


Technology Club and Primary Technology Club: Technology Club allows students to learn about various design industries’ latest innovations and technologies. Workshop activities instil key skills essential for success in our rapidly changing world: entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, dynamic creativity, technical skills and design basics for prototyping.


Robotics Club encourages students to experiment with the latest advances in robotics and drone technology. Students program and control robots, learning skills that apply outside the classroom.


STEM Club explores fun and challenging projects and topics that intersect across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students test their engineering, planning, creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving to build bridges in the Spaghetti Bridge competition and compete in the inter-school Maths Team Challenge.

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