The Rite Journey (Year 9)

The Springfield Anglican College has adapted The Rite Journey, an exceptional educational program tailored for our Year 9 students, to help usher our young people into adulthood.
The Rite Journey (Year 9)2023-10-04T12:07:33+10:00

The internationally recognized initiative is a year-long program that aims to empower students and develop important traits including courage, collaboration, consideration, compassion, commitment, and connection. The structured program also assists parents as they shepherd their children through this pivotal stage of their lives into adulthood.

The College’s highly qualified teachers present classroom activities, thought-provoking challenges, mentorship, an immersive camp experience, and meaningful rituals, all of which encourage students to consider what the path to adulthood means for them. Each stage of the journey builds encourages them to embrace their potential with self-assurance, and is marked by a memorable event to honour students’ progress.

The Springfield Anglican College is proud to have obtained Lead School Status for Best Practice Implementation of The Rite Journey.

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