It is an honour for us to carry on the tradition of the previous Student Leadership Team by representing TSAC within the community. This year, we have aimed to foster meaningful relationships and continue to promote inclusivity and integrity in all that we do.

As leaders of the College, our cohort will be present and act as role models who embody the College’s key values. We will foster peer connections and engagement by encouraging participation in the College’s extensive Student Life programs. Together, alongside our fellow Prefects, we hope to instil values of respect, integrity, and courage into every student.

The senior cohort will also be focused on community and mentorship, with the aspiration of creating a proud and unified TSAC College community. Notably, the College will celebrate its 25th year of educating young people in the Greater Springfield area. One of the highlights will be the start of construction on the new Sports Centre. Alongside this newest endeavour will come new students, with whom we are eager to share all aspects of College life.

We hope to guide and support all students during their schooling journey this year and welcome all members joining the TSAC community with open arms. With the support of the TSAC and the local Springfield community, we know this year will be filled with achievements and memories for all students.

“We hope to instil into every student the values, culture, and pride of The Springfield Anglican College. We hope to mentor all students throughout their schooling journey and welcome all incoming students with open arms to the TSAC community”.

Olivia Harding and Luke Jamieson

College Captains 2023