The P&F Association meets once a month except during school holidays at 6.30pm in the Rosewood Resource Centre on the Secondary Campus. All parents and legal guardians are welcome to attend these general meetings throughout the year and/or participate in activities. New members are always welcome to come along to share ideas, concerns and thoughts about the College community.

The P&F was formed as a Committee of the Head of College in 1998 and was established with the following aims and objectives:

  • To support the College’s goals to provide an environment of total care for all students
  • To promote the College in all endeavours
  • To provide support for and advice to the Principal on issues which affect the education and welfare of its student body
  • To provide a forum for Parents and Friends of the College at which they may discuss issues relating to the education and welfare of the student body
  • To engage in fundraising activities
  • To complement the activities and policy initiatives of the College Board.

You can contact the Parents and Friends Association via email:

For enrolled families, to keep up to date with the latest P&F news and upcoming meetings / events, please subscribe the the Parents and Friends (P&F) Communication Page through Nexus by clicking here.

2023 Parents and Friends Executive Team

President: Christie Hooper
Vice President: Veronika Jasiecki
Treasurer: Kerrily Rogers
Secretary: Heidi Doran
Marketing Officer: Gail Stainbank
Fundraising Manager: Kelly Malek