Creative Arts

Creative arts such as music, dance, and drama are essential to a child’s education.
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At The Springfield Anglican College, we understand that these subjects enrich students’ lives as well as provide benefits that are not found in other academic subjects.

Through TSAC’s extensive Creative Arts program, students can participate in the numerous offered dance groups, music ensembles and vocal groups, and offered creative arts club. In doing so, they develop their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Music Ensembles

Guitar Ensemble (combined with Secondary)Animato String Ensemble
Junior Concert BandCollege Musical (bi-annually)
Junior ChoirGuitar Ensemble (Combined with Primary)
TSAC ChoraleSenior Woodwind Ensemble
Stage Band
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Vocal Collective
Woodwind Ensemble

Dance Ensembles

Junior Beats CrewBoss Beats Crew
Junior Dance CompanyMega Beats Crew
Junior Dance SquadMusical Theatre Troupe
Junior Dance TeamSenior Company Jazz
Junior Dance TroupeSenior Company Lyrical
Mini Beats Crew

Instrumental Music Tuition

Students at The Springfield Anglican College can undertake private instrumental tuition. The College offers private instrumental tuition for woodwind, brass, percussion, piano, guitar, drum kit and voice. Students work with experienced professionals to develop their skills, and many have gone on to achieve outstanding results while at TSAC and as past students.

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