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Welcome to The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten, a nurturing school-based Kindy, nestled within the heart of The Springfield Anglican College’s Primary Campus.
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The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten nurtures your child’s growth and development together with families and we lay a solid foundation for your child’s educational journey. When it comes to your child’s early learning in Springfield, there is no better place than TSAC.

We understand your aspirations for your child’s future and share them wholeheartedly. The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten team brings together years of collective teaching expertise. Our mission is to provide a safe, joy-filled, and nurturing space where each child feels cherished and valued as they begin their Kindergarten adventure.

Kindergarten marks a pivotal and thrilling milestone in your child’s life. It serves as a bridge, equipping them with vital skills and confidence as they transition to Prep. This foundation paves the way for a successful journey through primary and secondary school, nurturing a promising future.

TSAC is your child’s first stop for early learning in Springfield.


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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to motivate and ignite young minds with curiosity and enthusiasm. Empowering them to delve into the unknown, our curriculum encourages exploration and discovery. Our Kindergarten students benefit from specialist lessons and experiences on the Primary Campus, enhancing their learning journey.

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Enriching Environments

Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of young learners. Bright, airy classrooms provide ample space for growth, while a sprawling outdoor play area invites exploration and play. A treasure trove of learning resources and materials further enriches the learning experience.


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Parent Involvement

At The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten, we believe in strengthening the bond between families and educators. We ensure you’re integral to your child’s educational voyage through consistent communication, including daily progress updates and parent-teacher conferences.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our kindergarten community, where we partner in your child’s growth, nurturing their potential, one step at a time. Register for a tour or download The Tiny Tarten Kindergarten to learn more about The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten teachers and learning philosophy.


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