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Mon , 19/11/2018

Formal Leadership Roles in 2019

Now that the Leadership teams for 2019 have been announced, they can look forward to a myriad of experiences that will help to develop them as people and leaders.  The Senior Prefects have already been called into action to represent the College at several functions and will be highly visible during the Year 6 induction days.  They will also be attending a Leadership camp during the holidays to help them hone their skills as leaders.  They will all be formally introduced into their roles in the leadership induction assemblies at Secondary and Primary assemblies at the beginning of next year.

 The Leadership positions are as follows:

Year 12Year 9Year 6
College Captain (Male)

Daniel Nguyen
Middle School Captain (Male)

Zac Crosby
Primary School Captain (Male)

Christiano Stephen
College Captain (Female)

Jasmine Jackson
Middle School Captain (Female)

Alexis Crouch
Primary School Captain (Female)

Evangeline Dahya

Ella Davie
Clan Captain (4 positions)

Eryn Hughes (Keith)

Kyle Waters (McDuff)

Shane Bradley (Robertson)

Ky Maklary (Sinclair)
Primary School Clan Captain (4 positions)

Olivia Willcox (Keith)

Ethan White (McDuff)

Dawn-Fleur Faumui (Robertson)

Melodie Ahern (Sinclair)
Creative Arts Captain

Eli Myers
Middle School Creative Arts Captain

Jade Winterflood
Primary School Creative Arts Captain

Bailey Ekeroma-Tafa
Service Captain

Jack Taylor
Middle School Service Captain

Jillian Taylor
Primary School Service Captain

Sidney Alloway
Sports Captain

Kristyn McComb
Middle School Sports Captain

Harrison Hogrefe
Primary School Sports Captain

Jade Hennessy
Prefect (2 positions)

Jordenn Battelley

Nikita Hogrefe





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