Secondary Curriculum

The Secondary School aims to provide all students with a supportive and encouraging environment conducive to learning, personal growth and development.
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The College offers modern learning technologies and enrichment opportunities to promote a holistic approach to student development underpinned by clear Christian values.

English and Languages

The study of English equips students with the skills they need to read and listen critically and perceptively and write and speak with accuracy, fuency, and confidence.

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Junior English
General English
Essential English
English Extension

Mathematics is a cornerstone of a holistic education. It gives students the language they need to engage effectively with science and understand the world around them.

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Junior Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics
Essential Mathematics
General Mathematics
Mathematics Methods
Specialist Mathematics

Science teaches students to question norms, to seek confirming or contradicting evidence, to develop an argument to present their views, and to modify their beliefs in light of conflicting evidence.

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Junior Science
Earth & Environmental Science
Science in Practice

The Humanities expand our knowledge of human cultures and help us understand what binds us and differentiates us from one another.

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Modern History
Design and Visual Media

Combining creativity with digital technology and media is essential to 21st-century learning. Students develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills to create to examine cultural trends and norms reflected in various digital mediums.

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Digital Solutions
Digital Technologies
Film, Television and New Media
Visual Art

The practical nature of the Technologies learning area engages students in critical and creative thinking, including understanding interrelationships in systems and teams when solving complex problems.

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Creative and Innovative Technologies
Design Technology
Industry Technology Skills
Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education enable students to explore and enhance their own and others’ health and physical activity in diverse and changing contexts.

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Health and Physical Education
Physical Education
Sport and Recreation
Performing Arts

Creative Arts inspire students to connect with the world, explore the human experience, challenge accepted culture and deepen their understanding of their place in the world.

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Music Extension
Yr 7Yr 8Yr 9Yr 10Yr 11Yr 12
Religious and Values Education
Philosophical Inquiry
The Rite Journey
Study, Skills and Service
Study Skills
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