The transition from kindergarten to primary school is a significant milestone in a child’s educational journey and, at The Springfield Anglican College in Queensland, we focus on ensuring this transition is smooth and positive. As a hub for early learning, The Springfield Anglican College provides a nurturing environment that prepares students for the next step. Here’s a guide to help parents and educators in this transition.

Foster Independence

Encourage independence in daily tasks. Whether it’s dressing themselves, organising belongings or completing simple activities, fostering independence instils confidence in children.

Visit the Primary School Facilities

Arrange visits to the primary school facilities at The Springfield Anglican College. Familiarising children with their new environment can help alleviate anxiety. We provide opportunities for kindergarteners to explore the primary school setting, making the transition more comfortable.

Discuss the Transition Openly

Initiate open discussions about the upcoming transition. Discussing the changes, expectations and exciting aspects of primary school helps children feel more prepared and gets them looking forward to the transition.

Maintain a Consistent Routine

Consistency is key. Maintain a consistent routine at home and in our kindy setting. Predictability in daily schedules provides a sense of security, reducing any stress associated with the upcoming transition to primary school.

Encourage Social Interaction

Facilitate opportunities for social interaction. Encouraging friendships and social interactions helps children build a support system as they transition to primary school from their old kindergarten in Queensland.

Introduce Basic Academic Concepts

Introduce basic academic concepts in a playful manner. We incorporate literacy and numeracy activities in our early learning in Springfield, laying the foundation for more structured learning. Familiarity with these concepts can ease the academic transition from kindy to primary school.

Engage in Transition Programs

Participate in transition programs offered by The Springfield Anglican College. These programs are designed to familiarise children with primary school routines, teachers, and classmates. The transition activities provide a gradual introduction to the primary school experience.

Early Learning in Springfield

Our commitment to early learning continues with our primary school experience. The emphasis on a supportive and holistic learning environment at our kindergarten in Queensland ensures that children continue to thrive as they progress in their educational journey.

Contact us online or call 07 3818 5777 to discuss enrolment options at our primary school or kindergarten.