On Thursday 17 August, the talented dancers from The Springfield Anglican College presented a program of enchanting artistry at the Ipswich Civic Centre, for the College’s Live to Dance Showcase.

The Live to Dance Showcase is an annual tradition at The Springfield Anglican College and serves as a testament to the dedication of our students and demonstrates their commitment to the art of dance.

Mr Steven Morris, College Principal, says, “This year, the College celebrates its 25th year of educating students. From our College’s earliest years, the Performing Arts have been a fundamental pillar of that educational experience, providing safe spaces for self-expression, and nurturing each student’s individuality, while fostering creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills.

“Our youngest students learn to dance in a classroom setting and can choose to explore different styles of dance through our expansive co-curricular program. Their interest is nurtured in the primary years, and their technical skills are honed through the secondary years.”

The College’s Live to Dance Showcase brings more than 100 dancers, from Year 1 to Year 12, to perform for family, friends, and members of the community.

Ethan Richards, Year 12 and a College Prefect, Creative Arts, says, “The Live To Dance Showcase is a special experience where students from all grades can join together and show the audience, and other students from higher and lower grades what they’ve been working on and what they’re proud to show off.

“This year’s showcase celebrates the College’s 25th year of educating young people. To mark the occasion, we opened the Showcase with a massive celebratory dance, involving students from every grade From Year 1 to Year 12. This was a special experience, as it allowed us to all dance alongside everyone who is a part of the College’s ‘dance family’ and celebrate the College that many of us have grown up in.”

This year’s Live to Dance Showcase featured 16 dances and showcased more student-choreographed dances than ever before, giving our secondary students a high-profile opportunity to explore and develop their own choreographic styles and showcase their best offerings, complete with professional lighting and staging.

Josie Papa is also in Year 12 and is studying Dance at TSAC. She choreographed one of the dances performed and performed with other dance groups throughout the Showcase.

“My favourite word is selcouth – an unfamiliar, strange, rare, and yet marvellous sensation – perfectly describes the feeling I get on stage. I have been dancing for the past 10 years and am excited to continue learning and exploring this art form as a full-time dancer next year.

“Being able to perform and choreograph for the Live to Dance Showcase is a truly inspiring opportunity. Though this is my final year at TSAC, the Showcase has given me the confidence to perform and choreograph my favourite style of dance, Jazz. I’m happy to have ended this chapter of my life with a bang.”

Mia Clayton is one of the College’s Year 12 Creative Arts prefects and danced in the Showcase for the final time. She says, “Dancing has been a part of my life for the longest time, having been dancing since I was 11 years of age.  It is a magical feeling when you see everything come together and the primary students’ faces light up when they hit the stage for the first time.

“Our teachers put in so much hard work and effort, and it was wonderful to see their pride and relief once the showcase was completed. As this is my last year at the College, I hope that younger students will continue to do what they love, never give up, and trust the process.”

Mr Morris adds, “Creative endeavours including the Live to Dance Showcase help our students grow into well-rounded individuals, equipped with the skills and resilience necessary to succeed personally and professionally. We couldn’t be prouder of our students as they push their individual and collective limits to produce breathtaking movements, acrobatics, and choreography.

“We were excited to share our students’ achievements with the wider community, as they put on a sold-out show that featured a diverse repertoire of dance styles, including contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, and musical theatre. Overall, the Live to Dance Showcase builds memories for students, that will last a lifetime and inspire many young dancers to continue dancing.”

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