Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program at The Springfield Anglican College forms a powerful part of our students’ learning journeys. The sequential Outdoor Education program steadily builds on students’ prior knowledge, skills, and abilities. Students engage in practical, authentic learning experiences while exploring a wide variety of landscapes and locations throughout South East Queensland.
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Students are given opportunities to be resourceful, take safe risks, work as a team, and navigate challenges outside their comfort zone, yet still within a supportive environment. They are encouraged to develop positive relationships with themselves and their peers, embark on adventures, and develop coping mechanisms to overcome difficulties.

Our College’s Outdoor Education program starts in Year 4 and includes farm, outback, beach, and island-based locations. Wherever they are camping, students are encouraged to connect with nature, and camps often involve physical activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, water sports, and team sports, which many students undertake for the first time.

Many of our students are excited to come back to College life with new friends, a new sense of confidence and resilience, as well as boosted critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Some even come back with a new hobby, newly discovered on camp.

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