Genuine and strong parent-school partnerships have been shown to be highly beneficial for learning development for children in Springfield Colleges and across Australia. Parents are recognised as a child’s first teacher, so maintaining a good relationship between teachers and parents is vital in creating a positive learning environment. In this article, The Springfield Anglican College discusses how to build strong parent-school partnerships and how this benefits students’ capacity to learn and enjoy their schooling experience.


The foundation of any good relationship starts with good communication. This is no different for parent-school relationships. Schools should focus on communication with parents from the outset. There should be open and trusted lines of communication that start with the school’s administration office and continue with each of the student’s teachers. Parent-teacher nights are a great way of maintaining communication.

Connect Learning at Home and in School 

The way in which a child learns should be as similar as possible both at home and in school. At Springfield Colleges, our faculty communicates with parents about how their child learns, which can then be carried through when helping them with homework at home.

Consult on Decision-Making 

Decision-making is a two-way street, and something The Springfield Anglican College think is very important. Teachers and parents have different viewpoints of a student’s character and life, so when there are big decisions to be made, we encourage parents and teachers to discuss them together to determine what is best for the student.

Encourage Participation

The more that parents get involved with the school, the stronger the relationship can become. This way, the parent is exposed to different teaching methods, which they can then use themselves at home, as well as being able to stay involved with their child’s life outside of the home. It will also give them more of an insight into their child’s social behaviours which, as a parent, can be extremely beneficial.

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