A school interview is an important part of the admission process because it builds a rapport between the school and potential students. Although test scores and other admission requirements help schools determine a student’s aptitude, educators agree that an interview is the most effective way to gain insight into a student’s values, core personality and interests. Interviews also allow parents to experience the culture of the school and understand what the institution has to offer. The Springfield Anglican College offers advice on how to approach a school interview.

The Purpose of a School Interview 

School interviews take different shapes, but all help educators assess whether a student is a good fit for the school. An interview helps the school understand:

  • Whether a student is prepared for the curriculum
  • Whether the school can help the student thrive and develop
  • Specific learning support the student may need
  • The student’s values and interests
  • More about the individual beyond admission documents.

Advice for Parents

At The Springfield Anglican College, we understand that your child may be nervous, and will try to put them at ease. Avoid prepping them for an interview, it’s really not necessary.

Try and arrive ahead of your interview time to give your child the time to adjust to the environment. Always ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep before the interview.

During the interview, avoid answering questions that are meant for your child because they help us get to know your child better.

In general, the interview is a chance for students and the school to get to know each other. Parents are encouraged to keep their questions until the end or follow up by email.

Advice for Children

Being nervous during a school interview is completely normal. Students should keep in mind that educators are interested in getting to know their interests and passions.

Wear your current school uniform or a smart outfit.

Good posture and a firm handshake make an excellent first impression – and you can practice these at home

Put your best manners on display and refer to the interviewer as Sir or Madam

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