GBC Secondary College Sport

The Secondary Students had a BYE this weekend.

GBC Primary College Sport


On Saturday the 5th of August, TSAC hosted the GBC round, and we had 3 visiting schools. Year 5/6 Blue eagerly took the field bright and early and played against Staines Memorial College. The team demonstrated exceptional skills in both defense and attack, however weren’t able to capture their success like last week.

Year 3/4 Blue took the field in the second round against Redeemer Lutheran College and delivered an astounding display of skills that left their opponents in awe. With 10 seconds to go TSAC took the lead, an outstanding performance by all students. Year 5/6 Red played against Rivermount, some exceptional football was played amongst the older students with some great skill being on display. The 5/6 team loss the match however they should be proud of their effort and fight. Year 3/4 Blue Played next and continued to show signs of improvement, they worked hard in their positioning and attacking. Sadly, they lost to Staines, however they should be proud of their progress.

Anticipation is building as we eagerly await for this weeks upcoming football match. Best of luck to all teams!

Taylor Moskwa-Hudspith 
Teacher – Primary (Physical Education)


GBC Primary Round 3 was held at TSAC this week. Although rising early for photos before games students didn’t show any weariness when they took to the basketball court. Year 3/4 Red team were on the court first and set a high standard of play for other TSAC teams to follow. The red team had a dominant showing against their opponents.

Straight after 3/4 Blue and 5/6 Red took to the court. Both teams played at an incredible standard. With the teams walking away with wins. In the final round 5/6 Blue played against a strong Staines side. TSAC was skilled with the ball with multiple students scoring and assisting. Defense was a strong point for all teams this week.

GBC Primary Fixture round 4 will be held at Redeemer on Saturday the 11 August.

Suzaan Stolz  
Head of Physical Education and Sport – Primary