GBC Secondary College Sport

On Saturday 22 July, we hosted our first Term 3 fixture against Redeemer Lutheran College. Volleyball, basketball and Touch Football were in action on the Secondary Campus. The Boys Football was held at the Primary Campus. The Senior Firsts Volleyball team showed determination and resilience as they came back and won the fifth set. The Senior seconds also had a positive 2-1 victory. The Juniors and Intermediate volleyballers endured losses. However, all girls continue to be focussed on learning and improving. The Boys Basketball was competitive and in full flow all morning. The Senior Firsts had a close draw of 39-39, while the Senior Seconds and Junior Firsts had strong wins. The Intermediate Basketball Firsts went down 23-45. Ms Clark is leading Girls Touch Football this term and is super impressed with the commitment of all girls involved. The culture and willingness to learn is apparent amongst all touch football girls’. The Junior Boys Football drew 2-2 against RLC, Intermediate Boys drew 1-1 and Seniors lost 2-0. Overall, we had a mix of results on Saturday.

Next weekend we will play Rivermount College at home. Mr Dennis, Ms Clark, Mr Harding and Miss Lanigan look forward to continued efforts at training this week.

Lucy Lanigan
Secondary Campus – College Sports Coordinator

GBC Primary College Sport


Over the weekend, students from TSAC eagerly engaged in a thrilling football match against Redeemer Lutheran College. The initial round of GBC Football featured a series of remarkable games that left spectators in awe. 3/4 Red were dominant in their performance, leaving their opponents astounded by their skills and strategy. Following their match, the 3/4 Blue team took the field and delivered an astounding display of skills that left their opponents shocked. Both 5/6 teams delivered outstanding performances and showcased their impressive skills. Anticipation is building as we eagerly await this week’s upcoming football match. Best of luck to all teams!

Taylor Moskwa-Hudspith 
Teacher – Primary (Physical Education)


TSAC Primary travelled to Redeemer Lutheran College on Saturday to compete in their first round of Basketball. TSAC 5/6 Red played early morning against Sheldon. Teams were trading buckets early; however, TSAC won by a slim margin. Congratulations to the team for coming together and playing respectfully. Later in the day, our three other basketball teams took the court. All athletes displayed sportsmanship and a great attitude. Congratulations to our 5/6 Blue team, who were also victorious. Our younger students in our 3/4 teams were dominant in their performances. Congratulations to the students who played their first-ever basketball game. We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful sporting journey.  We look forward to next week to see how TSAC Basketball improves.

Suzaan Stolz  
Head of Physical Education and Sport – Primary

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