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On Saturday, the Secondary campus was electric with both Primary home fixtures and Secondary ‘away’ fixtures vs Staines Memorial College. The P&F ran a very successful BBQ and the Year 12 Formal Committee sold cold drinks. It was very pleasing to see former students visit the secondary campus to watch the current TSAC sporting teams display their talent. We very much appreciated all support on Saturday from parents, staff, students and alumni.

In the Boys Volleyball, the Junior Firsts lost 2-0 vs Staines, the Inter Seconds won 2-1 and Inter Firsts won 2-1. The Volleyball season is now over for the boys and we thank their coaches for sharing their knowledge this season. In Basketball, our Senior Firsts won 27-14 vs Staines. Our Junior Firsts lost 11-28 and Inter Firsts lost 21-30. On the Basketball front, our Senior Firsts and Inter Seconds have positively progressed to the finals on Saturday 23rd March.

Lastly, in AFL, our Junior Boys dominated Staines by winning 66-24. Our Senior Girls lost 18-76 in a friendly match against Sheldon College. Our Inter First boys and Inter First girls have progressed to finals at Sheldon on Saturday 23rd March.

A nexus post regarding timings and expectations for finals will be posted in due course. Well done to all students who have demonstrated courage by committing to a sports team this term and I look forward to this continued participation as Term 2 approaches.

Lucy Lanigan
Head of Co-curricular Sport

GBC Primary College Sport


On Saturday our Year 3/4 Red team played a fantastic game against Sheldon, they displayed exceptional teamwork and are continually improving their netball skills each week.  The Year 3/4 Blue took the court shortly after against Sheldon, they demonstrated fantastic defence and attack skills and have come along way.   Our Year 5/6 Red showcased their attack skills against Sheldon by working well together as a team and showcasing significant improvements in both defence and attack.

Year 5/6 Blue dominated against Sheldon college, the team went out hard in the first quarter and maintained this for the duration of the game whilst our Year 5/6 White team had a tough match against Redeemer but were strong in defence and continually worked together throughout the game.

Great work to all teams on the weekend, we have had a fantastic season of Netball!

Taylor Moskwa-Hudspith 
Teacher – Primary (Physical Education)


On Saturday TSAC played their final round of fixtures at the Secondary Campus. It was an amazing atmosphere with students from grades 3 to12 on the same grounds.

Our 5/6 team took to the field twice on Saturday. TSAC came up against two strong Sheldon teams. Sheldon was sadly too strong for our TSAC team and both teams walked away as victors. Although not the season end we hoped for, we are still incredibly proud of the Respect, Integrity and Courage shown by our 5/6’s.

Our 3/4 team had a strong battle with Staines coming out strong in the first quarter. TSAC then tightened up the defence and the score was even by half time. Sadly, by the final whistle Staines were the winners. We congratulate our 3/4 team for a wonderful season and it was amazing to see our youngest students start their competitive sporting journey.

I finally want to thank all students, parents and staff who supported AFL this term. The season was wonderful due to everyone’s commitment and we look forward to supporting AFL again next year.

Suzaan Stolz  
Head of Physical Education and Sport – Primary

Photos – Senior Girls AFL and Primary AFL

For a full list of the Sports results, please click here: GBC Sports Results Saturday 16 March



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