The Springfield Anglican College is proud to announce that construction has commenced on the new Sports Centre, the last building to be constructed as part of the College’s 2018-2022 Building Master Plan. The College celebrated the commencement of the College’s new Sports Centre with a turning of the sod ceremony on Wednesday, 2 August, 2023.

The Sports Centre will occupy the front of its Secondary Campus, visible from the Springfield Greenbank Arterial. The $18.08m Sports Centre will allow students on both the Primary and Secondary Campuses to train and compete in a professional standard facility. It will feature two indoor sports courts, three general learning classrooms, and a presentation stage. It will be used for whole-College events, such as assemblies and awards ceremonies.

Mr Steven Morris, Principal, says, “This year, our College celebrates its 25th year of providing outstanding educational opportunities to the students of greater Springfield. It is appropriate that such a significant building mark a significant milestone for our College. The Sports Centre will be the largest project ever undertaken by our College, and it is a building that will benefit all students at TSAC, both Primary and Secondary students.

“This is an exciting moment for the students of our College, both past and present, and an exciting moment for our College Community.”

As a College, TSAC encourages students to participate in school sports as part of a well-rounded, holistic education and an active and healthy lifestyle. The new facility represents an investment in our students’ health and well-being and teaching and learning opportunities.

Mr Michael Willis, College Council Chair, says, “This centre will enable our students to have quality sports courts – for increased sporting opportunities, classrooms for academic enrichment, a presentation stage for the College’s cultural and artistic life, and to build and serve our community, both within the College and beyond; and a place for collective worship and spiritual growth.”

Construction for this project commenced in July 2023 and is anticipated to take 16 months to complete. The College received $1.19m of grant funding from the State Capital Assistance Scheme.

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