The Riedel Family is a proud second generation TSAC family.

Dad, Timothy Riedel, has been part of the TSAC community since 2003, when he joined the College as a Year 6 student and continued at the College until the end of 2006, when he moved schools (fortuitously) where he met his now wife, Rebekah. Today, he and Rebekah are Springfield locals and have chosen to send their two children to TSAC, the second generation of Riedels to attend.

Tim and Rebekah met in school and later married. When they started a family and needed to choose a school, they found that TSAC was the best option for their children. “Choosing a school wasn’t a hard task for us. We both agreed TSAC was a good fit and enrolled our children.”

While the College campuses have changed and developed since Tim’s first memories, the Primary courtyard was the first thing to bring feelings of nostalgia back for him whenever the family walked back onto the campus.

“Seeing the kids enjoy school and doing some of the things we both did is a highlight for us. Little things, like singing Chapel songs to the graduating class walking through the courtyard, and seeing Lukus wear the same uniform I wore during my own schooling years. It’s special.”

While 19 years have passed since Tim’s years at the College, there are still staff members who remember Tim. Mrs Sheryl Prins recalls ‘Tim was well-mannered, took part in class and did well at sports, and was always recognised by his blond curls.”