Stephanie values the positive impact her education at TSAC has had on her.  She recognises that having a well-defined routine and structure, such as found in a school day, has been beneficial in her life. “I have developed a creative trait from school, organisation skills, being proactive, sticking to deadlines and never giving up on what I put my mind to.”

Since leaving TSAC, Stephanie Pearl has had a successful career as a Behaviour Support Practitioner.

Stephanie was enthusiastic about pursuing higher education immediately after leaving TSAC. She enrolled at Griffith University and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. This program provided her with a solid foundation in the field of psychology. She continued her studies at Griffith University, where she obtained a Graduate Certificate of Autism, and a Master’s degree in Autism at Griffith University. She also completed a Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Monash University.

Stephanie studied for a Summer Semester at Cambridge University and considers this one of the highlights of her life. The university is renowned for its rigorous academic programs she enjoyed having a chance to engage with world-class faculty and scholars.

Stephanie began her career at the AEIOU Foundation, an NDIS-approved service provider specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), where she was responsible for overseeing therapeutic programs being implemented for the children at the centre.

In 2020, Stephanie transitioned to a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner role in a small private NDIS company that provides psychology and behaviour support services. This career move allowed her to broaden her professional scope and work with a diverse range of clients. This company experienced significant growth, and due to her experience, Stephanie was promoted to Head of Behaviour Support. In this leadership role, she oversaw all the practitioners within the company and was responsible for providing training and supervision to the practitioners, ensuring the quality of services, and guiding the overall direction of the behaviour support programs.

In 2022, Stephanie was promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) within the same company. As the COO, Stephanie now assumes the responsibility of running the operations of the entire organization and oversees all departments and functions within the company.