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What Saturday Sports are Available for TSAC Students?

Mon , 05/09/2022
Basketball Court

Private secondary colleges are preferred by many Australian families who want their children to get the best hands-on education and community experience at secondary school Springfield. The Springfield Anglican College (TSAC) is one of the top Springfield colleges, not just for our strong educational values but also for our exciting and enriching sports program. Let’s explore some of the sporting opportunities and the benefits of playing Saturday sports at TSAC.


Volleyball is a popular Saturday sport at Christian secondary schools, and TSAC has certainly embraced the on-court fun. Volleyball training and games foster team spirit, requiring students at Springfield colleges to work together, making multiple plays to get the ball over the net. Advanced teams get the chance to play in elite competitions such as the Queensland Schools Volleyball Championships.


Another popular sport option at TSAC is soccer, which goes a long way in supporting sportsmanship and skills development. Students participate in the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) with opportunities to compete against other private schools and secondary colleges. Soccer carnivals, including the ISSA Cup and UHLsport Cup, are especially popular.


Students at private schools like TSAC are also big on basketball as a Saturday sport. There are options to play just for fun or pursue basketball at an elite level; either way, growing students will get a lot out of it. Basketball enhances motor coordination, endurance, and flexibility while building speed and strength. A positive attitude and kindness on the court also help students succeed.

Touch Football

Last but not least, football is an excellent choice for energetic, determined students who want to get out on the field and give it their all. Both the inter-school competition and the All Schools Touch Championships are a huge highlight for football players at TSAC, who learn about camaraderie, endurance, and work ethic. There are even representative opportunities for those school athletes who leave a lasting impression with their sportsmanship and athletic ability.

Embrace Physical Activity & Teamwork at Christian Secondary Schools

Saturday sports offer wonderful opportunities for students to discover their strengths and make memories while working together as a team. Submit an enrolment enquiry to The Springfield Anglican College today to discover all the benefits of our beloved secondary school Springfield.

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