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What Makes for a Great Kindergarten Experience?

Mon , 04/07/2022
Kindergarden class

Kindergarten, or Kindy, is an exciting milestone for young children, as it teaches children crucial skills and prepares them for their future in primary and secondary school. That’s why finding the right school is very important for your child’s formative early learning years.

So how do you decide on the best Kindergarten for your child? Let’s explore a few key things that make for a great experience.

Engaging Teachers

Let’s start with teachers themselves. All Kindy students deserve to learn from highly engaging and caring teachers who enjoy everything about educating young minds. Together, teachers and students can navigate an exciting year full of firsts in the classroom and beyond.

Hands-on Activities

Kindergarten is the time to dive into basic reading, writing, maths, and critical thinking skills. Activities during the day should see Kindergarten teachers getting the children up and moving with various interactive activities that correspond with daily lessons.

Wide Range of Lesson Plans

The best early learning experiences are a fun mix of lessons that keep children interested in the subject matter. Young students are interested in everything around them, and experienced teachers can channel their attention to absorb new concepts and learn about the world around them.

Physical Activity

Lots of outdoor time and physical activity also make for a great Kindergarten experience. Young children have a lot of energy they need to burn off, so taking regular breaks and giving them time to run around with their friends always helps. Look for a Kindergarten with a big playground and a commitment to regular physical activity.

Faith-Based Community

A faith-based school community also promotes a positive Kindergarten experience for both students and their families. Being around educators in a school with a strong sense of faith helps Kindergarteners grow up to be respectful members of their community.

The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten at The Springfield Anglican College 

The Tiny Tartan Kindergarten at The Springfield Anglican College is an Anglian faith community connected to the school’s Primary and Secondary Campuses. Our school nurtures supportive relationships and spiritual awareness, providing a high-quality education for our youngest students.

If you’re looking into an early learning option in Springfield, book your tour at The Springfield Anglican College (TSAC) today. The next TSAC Tiny Tartan Kindergarten Open Morning is Saturday, 13 August, between 9am and 11am.

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