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2021 GBC Gala Day

Fri , 12/11/2021

Last Saturday saw the College host the 2021 GBC Gala Day. Played at both Atlantic Drive Sporting Complex and Bassline Tennis at Springfield Central Sports Complex, in excess of 400 students from GBC schools experienced a thoroughly enjoyable morning of AFL and tennis. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to trial the next progression towards tackling in AFL and showcase our tennis talent now that tennis is no longer offered as a core GBC Sport.

All TSAC AFL teams and tennis players performed admirably on the day. On the AFL field, the Senior Boys team, under the coaching Ken Fuller and the Year 3/4 Blue team, led by Aaron Schneider, finished the morning as undefeated champions. On the tennis courts, Daniel Saunders was successful in winning the Intermediate Division One Tennis, whilst Matilda O’Grady, Edward Levis, Sanuk Athuraliya and Aaron Shrestha took out the respective Primary divisions. Congratulations to these students for their success on the day.

Such a fantastic day could not be possible without the tireless efforts of many people. James Patmore and Brad Kelman would like to thank AFL coaches Ken Fuller, Ms Maddie Creati, Mrs Brooke Rogers, Aaron Brown, Mitchell Burrows, Lachlan Blackmore, Primary coaches Aaron Schneider, John Soccio, Ms Carolyn Spinks, Mrs Michelle Sayer, Belinda Lynch, Mr James Patmore as well as Mr Hilton Whitehorne for his organisation of our secondary tennis players for the tournament. We are privileged to have the support of these wonderful teachers, parents, external coaches and departing Year 12 students. As always, Mr Heath Del Favero spread himself across the entire event. Thank you for your support.

The morning’s hospitality was something to behold. TSAC Parents Warren Newble and Richard Bannah yet again put on the BBQ of all BBQs, feeding the hundreds of players and spectators at the AFL and primary tennis fixtures throughout the morning. A very big thank you also to the following friends of TSAC for their assistance to Sports Supporters Group hospitality – Susan Casey, Michael Casey, William Bannah, Hudson Newble, Alexis Crouch, Monique Weekley, Wendy Jurss and Paula Hawkins. Congratulations also to Deb Bambrook who won the fishing combo bundle raffle. This raffle was extremely well supported and will no doubt assist with many of the initiatives the Sports Supporters Group have in place.

Thank you to the entire TSAC community for your participation in and assistance with GBC sport this year. We look forward to an incredible year of sport in 2022.

Brad Kelman and James Patmore.


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