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GBC Sports Results: Saturday, 4 March 2023

Tue , 07/03/2023

GBC Secondary

Our TSAC teams travelled to Redeemer Lutheran College for our fixtures on Saturday.  The Senior Girls AFL, Junior Boys AFL and Junior Girls AFL all came away with strong wins against Redeemer. Our Senior Boys AFL had a very physical match losing against Redeemer. Our Volleyball teams faced some tough competition against Redeemer with all teams putting up a great fight.  It was the Firsts Volleyball team having a successful win which will boost their confidence going into their next match against Sheldon.  On the Basketball Court, it was a mixed bag for the girls with the Senior First and Junior Second teams coming away with the victory.  Next week will see all teams heading to Sheldon College for what always proves to be very competitive matches.  Good luck to all teams.

Lucy Lanigan 
Sports Coordinator (Secondary)

GBC Primary


On the Saturday, our mighty TSAC 3/4 teams played off in a Terrier AFL master-class! The athletes were working on game flow and connecting with teammates to move the ball in space. The skills have been sensational with all players showing great improvement. Well done all players.

The year 5/6 teams came up against some quality opposition in Redeemer and Sheldon. We have been working on using the width of the field and our teammates to move the ball forward. There were several great passages of play where players linked up in their support runners and delivered it to the forward line. The second quarter showed great TSAC footy with both teams putting some scores on board, forcing the opposition to rethink their defence. Great courage was shown by the players, keeping their hand over the ball, staying on their feet and driving with their legs, making it incredibly difficult to stop. Well done Terriers, your skills are improving every time we take the field!

Brenton Meddings (Head of Physical Education and Sport – Primary)



TSAC netball teams travelled to Sheldon College where the weather was perfect for some outdoor netball. Our 5/6 teams played one another, which brought about a wonderful fun vibe and of course brought the TSAC sportsmanship. Teams were changed slightly so players could play with others who they haven’t with before. The change brought many smiles to our players and everyone enjoyed the relax atmosphere of the game.

Our 3/4 teams both put in a spirited performances, sadly losing to Sheldon and Redeemer. Like every week our 3/4 teams continue to show improvement. We can’t wait to see them use these skills that they’re learning in their future netball journey’s.

Next week fixtures are at Rivermount and we wish all our TSAC teams the best of luck.

Suzaan Stolz (Primary PE Teacher)

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