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Silkstone Eisteddfod Results 2018

Fri , 17/08/2018

Last week, all our College Ensembles attended the Annual Silkstone Eisteddfod across two days and two evenings.  In addition to our large group performances, the College entered around 40 duets and trios this year. The duets and trios were made up of students in Years 1 to 12 who learn string or band instruments. It was a highly successful eisteddfod for our College, not just because we achieved many prizes, but mainly because our students had invaluable and positive performance experiences.

The adjudicator was Lisa Holownia, is a renowned French Horn performer and music educator, She commented on how all our performances were valuable and inspiring, and she implored all our students to continue studying their instruments and never give up. Ms Holownia spoke about the ways in which music teaches determination, builds emotional resilience and how it helps students with all subjects, public speaking, hand-eye co-ordination and leadership skills.  Ms Holownia said that in her experience, most of the leaders in any school are usually musicians. Ms Holownia was obviously impressed with our performances and said that The Springfield Anglican College obviously has an excellent music program. In the case of the Junior Concert Band and Junior Stage Band, she said she’d have given them a platinum award if she had one to give!

For a full list of weekend results, please click here.

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