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Questions to Ask When Researching Secondary Schools in Springfield

Mon , 16/05/2022
Secondary school in Springfield

Are you currently researching and looking for the best secondary schools that will suit your child?

When looking at high schools, it’s important to consider location, class size, curriculum, activities, and faith-based learning.

Here are seven key questions to ask prospective secondary schools to help you find a school that’s going to be the right environment for your child to fulfil their true potential.

What is the School’s Principal and Leadership Like?

The school head or principal of a secondary school sets the culture and the vision for the school. This is one of the biggest things parents should look at, because it determines the personality, the goals and the values of the school and its educational philosophy.

What Subjects do You Offer?

One of the most important questions to ask prospective secondary schools is about the subjects your child will study. Each school should provide you with a detailed list of the core curriculum, extension subjects, elective subjects, as well as additional co-curricular activities across the creative arts, sports, and technology.

How do You Support Students?

Student wellbeing should be a top priority at your chosen secondary school. Discuss programs to support new students, access to an on-campus chaplain, pastoral care, and student wellbeing programs. If your child has any specific educational or support needs, now’s a great time talk about them and see what support the school can give to accommodate these requirements.

What is the Average Class Size?

When you contact secondary schools, ask about the average class size. The student to teacher ratio will give you a better idea of how much attention and support your child will receive in the classroom.

How Much Homework do Students Receive?

Homework is a part of life for students at secondary schools, but preteens and adolescents should still have time to pursue other interests outside of school assignments. The secondary school should offer a healthy balance between schoolwork, social and family life.

What is Nearby to the School?

When you are considering choosing a secondary school, find out questions about what local facilities are also used by the school, such as sports fields, swimming pools and community facilities. You will need to know about the school’s bus routes, public transport links, and pick-up/drop-off options. Also think about restaurants or stores that may offer added convenience for your family.

Are you Looking for a Faith-Based Secondary School?

It’s good idea to ask what religious education your child may receive at your preferred secondary school. Some schools will also have a church on campus, which may be an advantage, if faith is a priority for your family, and can also serve to help foster faith connections for teens as they grow up.

Visit the Springfield Anglican Secondary College

The Springfield Anglican College offers comprehensive curriculum, diverse sports and creative arts programs, and a wide range of activities and wonderful student care support for Year 7 to 12 students.

Book a tour at The Springfield Anglican Secondary College today.

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