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Primary Athletics Festival

Tue , 01/09/2020

Recently, all students at the Primary Campus participated in the Primary Athletics Festival, which combined the much loved Inter-Clan Athletics Carnival and Games Day into a week of athletics fun and celebration.

At the beginning of the week, the Year 4 – 6 students put their Clan pride on the line to compete in the Inter-Clan Athletics Carnival part of the festival. Each year group had an entire day allocated to them to represent their clan in the 8 core athletics events held at those age levels, including the 100m sprint, relays, long jump and shot put.

The end of the week saw the Prep & Year 1 students on Thursday, and Year 2 & Year 3 students on Friday, compete in the Games Day leg of the festival, with students putting their athletics skills, using age appropriate and modified equipment, in events such as javelin, high jump, hurdles and sprints.

It was a truly fantastic week of competition and fun enjoyed by all students, with the level of participation across all year levels the best that there has ever been. Such was the level of competition in the Inter-Clan Carnival, no fewer than 7 College records were broken during the week, some of which had been in place for over 5 years.

In terms of the Inter-Clan Carnival, incredibly just 24 points separated the top 3 Clans after 3 days of competition. However it was ultimately Clan McDuff who took home the 2020 Primary Inter-Clan Athletics Carnival trophy.

Congratulations to all students in Clan McDuff for their Clan trophy win, as well as all students who participated so brilliantly across the week. A special mention also to our Age Champion medallists for 2020, who are listed below.

Inter-Clan Carnival Final Standings

McDuff 1024 points

Keith 1009 points

Sinclair 1000 points

Robertson 872 points

Age Champions

Year 4: Ruby Milton & William Stuart

Year 5: Bella Pushdary & Oliver Johnson

Year 6: Leila Alexander & Kaelan Bell

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