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Partnering with Parents of Students in Springfield, QLD

Mon , 10/10/2022
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One of the perks of private primary colleges and Christian secondary schools is the strong connection between families and faculty. This is a key priority for dedicated educators at The Springfield Anglican College. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly school community that supports involvement between students, parents and staff. Let’s look into the importance of parent engagement in primary and secondary schools.

Character Development

Character development is made possible through passionate educators and tailored curriculum at private primary colleges and Christian secondary schools. When parents are on board with classroom activities and co-curricular programs, they are more likely to support and encourage students to get the most out of their time at private primary schools and high schools. The more parents know about what their children are doing and learning, the more they can build on these lessons outside school.

Student Performance

Improved student performance is another benefit of partnering with parents. When teachers are upfront with parents about their child’s strengths and room for improvement, families know what to focus on at home. Maybe a child at primary school in Springfield is strong in Maths but struggling slightly with reading. When both teachers and parents know this, they can work together to get the student caught up and feeling more confident in their reading skills. That’s just one of many examples of why teachers and parents openly communicate at our Christian primary schools.

Parent Support

The Parents and Friends Association at TSAC supports the College in providing total care for all students. Families are encouraged to raise any questions or concerns that may benefit the student body, as our primary and secondary school puts student education and wellbeing first and foremost. Fundraising activities and policy initiatives are also important in strengthening the connections between faculty and families, helping everyone feel part of the school community. We believe that Christian primary schools and private secondary colleges all benefit from organised family support and strong parent engagement.

Promoting Parent Engagement at Springfield Colleges

The Springfield Anglican College is committed to helping students and parents stay connected, from kindergarten to primary school at Springfield to secondary years and beyond. Get in touch today to enrol your child in our primary or secondary school in Springfield.

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