Students’ personal development occurs when the community of young people, parents and teachers all work together towards common goals.

For parents who want to know how they can best support their children through school, there is no better way than through a parent-teacher interview. Interviews between parents and teachers are primarily about one aspect: the overall development of a child. At The Springfield Anglican College, interviews are an opportunity for parents to build rapport with teachers, have all their questions answered and voice any concerns they may have about a student’s progress.

Get to Know the Teachers

We recognise that parents put a great deal of faith in the teachers who educate their children. A parent-teacher interview is an opportunity for parents to meet and get to know the educators who will influence their child’s academic success, personal values and overall development. In turn, educators can use the opportunity to provide insight into how they teach children.

Track Your Child’s Academic Performance

As a holistic primary school in Springfield, teachers at The Springfield Anglican College rely on parent-teacher interviews as a way to provide parents with a detailed overview of their child’s academic and personal growth, share how it has changed over time and discuss the areas in which they excel or require more attention.

Help Teachers Understand Your Child

Parent-teacher interviews are not just about teachers telling parents about how their child is doing at school. Our teachers take an interest in every child and strive to gain a better understanding of what makes each student unique. The best way to do this is to meet with parents and let them talk about their children, their interests and any specific challenges they face so that teachers can provide them with the precise support they need to thrive.

Work Together as a Team

When parents and teachers meet, they communicate with one another to create a home and school environment that benefits the child. Child development is a community effort that requires teachers and parents who share the same goals and agree on the best way to reach them through active involvement.

Secondary & Primary School In Springfield

As one of the top private primary colleges in Springfield, The Springfield Anglican College believes in keeping open lines of communication between parents and teachers. We aim to engage with parents to better understand the needs and challenges of every student in our care. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to kindergarten, primary and secondary education.

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