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Outstanding NAPLAN Results for 2016

Tue , 27/09/2016

In the wider community there is a great deal of debate around NAPLAN testing and the usage of that data, especially in the public domain. At the College we view NAPLAN results as one view of student progress at one point in time. Basically NAPLAN data provides a piece of the puzzle around student progress.

For a non-academically selective College there is no doubt the performance of our Years Three, Five, Seven and Nine students was extremely pleasing this year and continues a trend of very strong performances over the past five years.

An analysis of the data reveals College students above both the State and National averages in all Year levels with very high percentages of students achieving in top possible bands in each of the tests. For example in Grammar and Punctuation in Year Nine the percentage of students achieving in the top band was more than double that of State and National percentages. It was also particularly pleasing to note that 100% of Year Three students were at or above National Minimum Standards in all tests.

So what does all this mean at a College level? Firstly, I would suggest there is very good teaching and learning occurring across both Campuses.

Secondly, the data does provide a clear view of where students may have gaps in their knowledge and skills or where teachers may not have focused sufficiently on a particular skill.

From the detailed analysis that occurs each year staff identify, on an individual student and cohort basis, the areas that do need more emphasis going forward. By doing this in such a comprehensive manner staff are able to make adjustments to their teaching to ensure students are developing the knowledge and skills that they require for future studies.

Details of the performance of College students can be found here.

Steve Croft
Head of College

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