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Met West Cross Country Results

Fri , 26/05/2023

Met West Cross Country

Well done to all our TSAC students who competed in the Met West Regional Cross Country carnival this week.

Congratulations to our top five finishers Leila Alexander, Elke McAuley, Luca Gigliotti and Eamon Alexander and best wishes to those runners who qualified for the upcoming State Championships.

Here are the individual results:

10 Years Girls – 2km

                14th place             Liliana Titley                       9:03

12 Years Girls – 3km

                13th place             Aine Logan                          13:15

14 Years Girls – 4km

                3rd place               Leila Alexander                 16:35

                16th place             Matilda Ahern                   18:58

15 Years Girls – 4km

                3rd place               Elke McAuley                     16:02

17 Years Girls – 4km

                15th place             Gabriella Gigliotti             21:08

10 Years Boys – 2km

                25th place             Sebastian Tomholt           8:58

11 Years Boys – 3km

                5th place               Eamon Alexander            11:21

14 Years Boys – 4km

                4th place               Luca Gigliotti                      13:53

15 Years Boys – 4km

                8th place               Owen Martin                     15:14

16 Years Boys – 6km

                16th place             Finn Bower                         26:46

17 Years Boys – 6km

                18th place             Jonathan Laryea               24:58


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