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The Springfield Anglican College has grown considerably in the last few years. We are a thriving community across two campuses. Between teaching and learning, co-curricular groups and other special events, there is a lot going on at any given time and keeping everything in view is a challenge. In this article we introduce Nexus, a portal for the entire community to connect and collaborate. Launching in 2020, Nexus will be the first port of call for information and communication across the college. Read on to learn about this exciting new platform.

Nexus will provide the college community with a streamlined communication platform for parents, teachers and students alike. The NEWS component in Nexus will ensure that only the people that need to see posts will see them. Parents will receive information specific to the location of their student and the co-curricular activities they are involved in. Students will receive daily notices as well as information from their classroom teachers and coaches. College staff will also benefit from communication that will bridge the gap between the two campuses.

Teaching and Learning
Teaching and learning at the college has continued to evolve and Nexus will provide students and teachers with a new space to collaborate within. Teachers across secondary will be able to distribute and collect assessment items, while students will be able to view a comprehensive list of all the work they have due in one place. Secondary students will be able to collaborate within a digital environment that mirrors processes in higher education and man professions. Primary students will benefit from having a safe space to practice their technology skills and access digital resources shared by their teachers.

The experience is customised for each user when they log in, providing separate portals for parents, staff and students. This will replace Parent Portal and Student Portal in 2020.  Dashboards will hold information and links that are relevant to these groups.

App Integration
The College App is undergoing development to work with Nexus, meaning that the news and notifications you receive through Nexus will also push through to the app. New features are being developed to make the apps more useful to parents and students. For anyone already using the app, these changes will come through in the form of an update. For anyone not using the app, it is free and available for download on the app store for IOS and Android.

Although this project is infancy, we expect it to continue to grow and become an integral part of how we operate at The Springfield Anglican College. Further information and login details will be provided to families in Term 1 of 2020, with the plan of commencing simple communication and the sharing of important information. We appreciate your support as we develop this platform for the college and encourage everyone in the community to become part of its development.

If you would like to be a part of the Parent testing group to trial and provide feedback on Nexus in the new year, please email Communications Manager Mrs Amy Baker –

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