At The Springfield Anglican College, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to engage with a complex digital world. Our College wide approach provides students with opportunities to be creative, active, collaborative and responsible uses of their devices.

Our bring your own device policy is designed and regularly revised to keep up with the needs of our learners.  We are mindful of the value that parents invest in resources for their child, and consider this factor when defining the requirements for each year.  Our policy facilitates parental choice about devices that take into account learner need, differing budgets and personal preference. Our College network reflects our multi-platform approach, in its ability to support students using a range of devices.

As part of our strategy to give students the best learning experiences, and parents choice and affordable device options, from 2019 onwards Year 3 – 6 students will use a Windows device with touch and pen support.

Parents are asked to purchase from the JB Hifi and Hewlett Packard purchase portals, where a selection of devices can be found.  These devices are those that have been identified by the College to meet the learning needs for students.  For your ease of understanding they are grouped into Entry, Standard, and Performance level machines. In Years 3 – 6, as you can see on the graphic below, our recommendation would be that an Entry or Standard level machine is entirely suitable.  Each of the devices in the range meets the minimum operating requirements for the College.

Students still using iPads in Year 6 or devices without a stylus will continue to be supported with their learning.

Although students in Senior School year levels can choose a Windows or Apple device, the College recommends that families consider very carefully the full range of functionality which best supports their child’s learning.

More information can be found for parents on TSAC Connect relating to purchase portals and E-safety information.


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