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Life After TSAC: Study, Careers & Pathways in Australia

Mon , 03/04/2023

The best Springfield Colleges are committed to preparing students for life after they graduate. At The Springfield Anglican College, we proudly provide our senior secondary school students with a wide range of opportunities for further study and career pathways. Read more about life after TSAC and what to expect with our senior secondary school Springfield.

Co-curricular Activities

Let’s start with some key ways our secondary school Springfield prepares students for life after college. Our co-curricular activities teach students life skills like self-reflection and collaboration, which help shape their characters and build resilience. Our educators support students throughout these activities to ensure they get the most out of them and can use their personal growth for professional development.

Service Experiences

At TSAC, we want to help students find their passions, which may inspire their future careers. We use service experiences to encourage positive change and community care while also introducing them to new possibilities. Both in and out of the classroom, there are so many options for secondary school students to thrive and discover what they want to do next, whether it be further study or career exploration.

Student Leadership

TSAC is proud to teach and prepare future leaders. Our leadership opportunities give students transferable skills they can use whether they go to a technical college or a large university or decide to enter the workforce. To ensure they have the confidence and collaborative skills they need for college and career pathways, we ask students to identify different strengths and work together to inspire positive change.

Alumni Support

Not only does the TSAC curriculum and activities prepare students for their future, but it also connects them to a supportive alumni group. The TSAC Alumni Association is a vibrant group of former students who keep the school’s spirit alive and maintain connections made through college. Reunion events and post-graduate opportunities are shared through this alumni association.

Embrace Student Life & Support at Springfield Colleges

From kindergarten to Year 12 and beyond, our dedicated educators and well-rounded school community will support and uplift your child. Contact The Springfield Anglican College today to learn more about our wide range of opportunities for senior secondary students.

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