Student Life

We believe that the important learning experiences that a school provides happen in and outside of the classroom, and our vibrant and varied student activities and co-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.


We learn many of our most profound and lasting lessons in co-curricular activities, where we can learn life lessons such as how to win with grace and lose with dignity, and where we have opportunities to work productively with others and be part of a team. Each of these events are profound learning opportunities and assist young people to build resilience and shape their characters. At TSAC we are also committed to providing opportunities for every student to be at their best.

For some students, they are at their best in their co-curricular undertakings – and we encourage, value and celebrate their contributions. Research strongly supports students being active participants in co-curricular programs and through their involvement, having great opportunities to develop a range of important attributes, many of which link back positively to academic achievement. Teamwork, self-discipline, organisational skills and the development of emotional intelligence and resilience form some of the clear benefits of such involvement. Whichever sport, club or activity your child chooses or participates in, we are confident that they will receive committed coaching, tuition, encouragement and support which will be rewarding. Our co-curricular programs are designed to allow casual participation for those that simply want to give something a try, while also giving elite performers the opportunity to pursue excellence.

The College provides sporting opportunities for all students in Senior School. The College is a member of the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) and competes throughout the year against independent schools in a range of sports and carnivals. The College fosters a philosophy of participation for all, and values the importance of physical activity in a young person’s life. Our co-curricular activities are designed to offer opportunities for skill development, good sportsmanship and team spirit. All students are encouraged to participate in the wide variety of activities offered, which provides options for the casual sportsperson who just wants to take part for fun, and those elite athletes who aspire to excellence or careers in sport. Students have the opportunity of playing Saturday sport against other GBC Schools that encourages a healthy inter-school competition using a home and away fixture system, with a GBC Grand Final being played at the end of the term in each of the respective sports. Advanced teams also have the opportunity to compete in elite external competitions such as the All Schools Touch Championships, Queensland Schools Volleyball Championships, Uhlsport Cup (Soccer) and the Brisbane Christian Schools (BCS) Sports Association in a variety of sports. Fixtures are played after school during the week. Talented athletes also have the opportunity to advance through the Representative Met West School Sport Program.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts is a vibrant and active department within the College and the wider community. Creative Arts incorporates the disciplines of Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts and Media Arts. All staff within these subject areas are highly-qualified and experienced educators who regularly participate in professional development within their respective fields. There are many opportunities for Senior School students to be involved in graded string ensembles, guitar ensembles, concert bands, choirs, drama troupes, theatre sports teams, dance troupes and art clubs. Group lessons for instruments in our co-curricular groups are included as part of the tuition fee. Additionally, private individual tuition is available on a user pays basis for guitar, singing, piano and a wide variety of wind, percussion and string instruments. The College has an extensive concert program in which all our ensembles are showcased. College ensembles are featured in eisteddfods across the region and in community events. The Creative Arts Faculty produces a biannual, major musical production, with students from Year 4 and above able to audition for parts in the production or be part of the stage crew. We value the Creative Arts highly at our College. Every day we see firsthand that involvement in the Creative Arts helps students to improve their critical thinking skills, and develop personal attributes including commitment, self-discipline, teamwork and confidence.

Clubs and Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, extension and support programs, as well as academic competitions. These provide opportunities for enhancing knowledge, skills, friendships and confidence. Students are usually invited to nominate for activities such as debating, public speaking and writing events, da Vinci Decathlon and other intellectually stimulating pursuits. Participation with likeminded friends, as well as the opportunity to forge new relationships, are a key part of these co-curricular activities. Equally, developing skills and an appreciation of making a commitment to a group and learning are important aspects of being a member of our community. 

Student Leadership

Providing leadership opportunities to all students is a vital part of the Senior Years. All Senior students are encouraged to develop their own leadership potential through our Leadership Program that asks students to:

  • Understand different strengths that individuals might bring as a leader
  • Appreciate the diverse skill sets required for successful teams and projects
  • Consider their own strengths as a leader and what they might contribute to a group

Employers today are looking for people who show leadership skills, initiative and who can work collaboratively with others. The Springfield Anglican College Leadership Development Program helps develop tomorrow’s leaders from your child’s unique set of personal skills. The College encourages all Senior students to lead where they can, be that on the sports field, in creative arts as an academic mentor or in creating positive change to their communities in Social Justice groups. We believe by recognising, developing and celebrating individual abilities, all students can grow to lead in areas where they have strengths. So no matter what set of skills your child has, they will be able to exercise them during their Senior Schooling. To prepare your child for Senior Year Leadership positions, Year 11 students attend a special Leadership Camp in Term 1 where they are challenged to understand different types of Leadership. Opportunities are provided for formalised leadership roles in Year 12, with thirteen elected roles voted for by staff and students.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education The Springfield Anglican College Senior Outdoor Education Program is developmental and sequential, and links to the Middle School Outdoor Education Program to ensure that skill development and levels of challenge build on previous experiences. As students move through Years 10 to 12, the nature of outdoor educational experiences become more diverse and complex. Overall, the Outdoor Education program offers every student a range of opportunities that can assist with the development of the whole person. Students are involved in off-site outdoor education programs that are facilitated by external service providers in collaboration with College staff. Examples of activities included in the Outdoor Education program are rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing and problem solving. Throughout the program students will experience living in a range of different settings such as national parks, beach and sea environments. The Springfield Anglican College places outdoor education as an important part of its student’s educational development. Outdoor Education experiences form part of their powerful learning journey, for it is on camp that students are provided opportunities to be resourceful, take safe risks and work as part of a team. Being outside of their comfort zone in a supportive environment is an excellent way of preparing young people for the challenges that they will face in life, to develop positive relationships within self, peers, various environments and adventure, and a highly effective way of allowing them to develop the coping mechanisms necessary to overcome the associated challenges.


Service As an Anglican School, we are committed to developing young people of compassion, and encourage students to become involved in service activities on a local, national and global scale. Our Director of Student Activities oversees such projects, which form a valuable part of our TSAC education – developing people who are other people centered, caring and giving. Our Chaplain co-ordinates chapel services for all year levels in conjunction with form teachers, where students learn more about the stories and traditions of the Church and the ways in which Anglicans serve others. First Communion classes are an option for students in Year 7, giving them the opportunity to take part in the Eucharistic tradition of the Church. The Chaplain offers a listening ear for any student who needs it, as well as their families. The Chaplain also provides guidance to the student led Social Justice Group, which aims to apply Anglican values to current social justice, human rights, development and peace issues in Australia and overseas, and to speak out against injustice, the abuse of human rights, poverty and violence and in favour of change for a more just society.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Program in Senior Schooling allows students to build on the skills that have developed throughout Middle Schooling, applying them at a deeper level and in more complex situations. A large focus is placed on ensuring that students are well-equipped with the skill they will require for the world beyond school.

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Student Care

Student Care is at the heart of everything we do at the College. We understand that the emotional wellbeing of students is fundamental to their academic success, and so we offer a holistic approach that develops students’ understanding of wellbeing through explicit teaching of strategies to develop growth mindsets, grit and wellbeing.

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Senior Schooling

The Senior School structure has been developed to prepare students for life after school, whether they choose to move on to tertiary study or enter the workforce. High quality facilities, an excellent technology platform and a diverse range of programs challenge students to realise their potential.  

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