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Teaching and Learning

Our core business is to provide students with various pathways and opportunities to succeed in their academic studies. Our curriculum is relevant and our pedagogy engaging. We offer support and enrichment
programs designed to enable students the prospect to succeed.

Our Teaching and Learning philosophy places significant emphasis on students developing critical skills which will enable them to be successful in the community and the workforce. Supported by the use of technology, our staff assist students to become creative, communicative, collaborative, self-directed, reflective and critical thinkers. Our curriculum offers flexibility for those pursuing academic learning as well as those wishing to enter vocational study. It balances traditional subjects with the development of key employability skills.

The Teaching and Learning Program in Years 7 to 9 allows students to connect with the Australian Curriculum in meaningful and authentic ways. It allows students to explore their own personal strengths and preferences through a range of elective subjects. This combination makes for a learning experience which students can eventually tailor to their own strengths and preferences.

The Teaching and Learning Program in Years 10 to 12 allows students to deepen the skills they have developed in previous years. In alignment with current educational practices, by having students apply the skills at a deeper level and in more complex situations, it ensures that students are well equipped for the world beyond school. Our vision is to foster an appreciation of the importance of lifelong learning. In addition to a relevant curriculum, students are also offered substantial career guidance where they can explore career pathways and make well-informed decisions. Students engage with the senior assessment and tertiary entrance procedures whilst working towards a possible Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

To read more about our teaching and learning program, please click here to view the Secondary School Prospectus.

Secondary Schooling

The Secondary School aims to provide all students with a supportive and encouraging environment, conducive to learning and to personal growth and development. The College offers modern learning technologies and enrichment opportunities to promote a truly holistic approach to student development.

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Student Care

We pride ourselves on having a safe and welcoming community, where all people are valued for the person they are and the contribution they make. With our Anglican ethos underpinning all of our behaviours, we aim to educate our students to be compassionate, caring and positive contributors to our community.

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Student Life

We believe that the important learning experiences that a school provides happen in and outside of the classroom, and our vibrant and varied student activities and co-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.

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