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Student Care

Student Care is at the heart of everything we do at the College. We understand that the emotional wellbeing of students is fundamental to their academic success, and so we offer a holistic approach that develops students’ understanding of wellbeing through explicit teaching of strategies to develop growth mindsets, grit and wellbeing. These programs are supported by various external providers who visit the College to share their expertise in these areas.

We pride ourselves on having a safe and welcoming community, where all people are valued for the person they are and the contribution they make. With our Anglican ethos underpinning all of our behaviours, we aim to educate our students to be compassionate, caring and positive contributors to our community and society beyond school.

Central to our ability to do this is a Clan structure, with each student at TSAC belonging to one of our four Clans: Keith, McDuff, Robertson and Sinclair. Each Clan fosters an inclusive family mentality where each person is valued and cared for.  Each Clan is overseen by a Head of Clan, who comes to know and understand each student in their care as they progress through the College.

The College Psychologist at The Springfield Anglican College works with students to help them flourish academically, socially, behaviourally, and emotionally. The psychologist collaborates with teachers, parents, and other professionals to create a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment that strengthens connections between home, school and the community for all students.

The College Chaplain plays a vital role in supporting the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the College community, and enhancing the efforts of other care professionals. Moreover, it serves to foster a Christian ethos, atmosphere and culture within the College. A key facet of the Chaplain’s role is to build relationships and connections with the students and staff, their families and the wider community.

To read more about our student care program, please click here to view the Secondary School Prospectus.

Teaching and Learning

Our core business is to provide students with various pathways and opportunities to succeed in their academic studies. Our curriculum is relevant and our pedagogy engaging. We offer support and enrichment programs designed to enable students the prospect to succeed.

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Secondary Schooling

The Secondary School aims to provide all students with a supportive and encouraging environment, conducive to learning and to personal growth and development. The College offers modern learning technologies and enrichment opportunities to promote a truly holistic approach to student development.

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Student Life

We believe that the important learning experiences that a school provides happen in and outside of the classroom, and our vibrant and varied student activities and co-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.

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