Student Life

We believe that the important learning experiences that a school provides happen in and outside of the classroom, and our vibrant and varied leadership opportunities, student activities and extra-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.



We believe in the potential of all students to be young leaders. In Primary schooling, students are encouraged to model and develop growing leadership skills. The staff, through modelling the College values and ethos, work with students in developing an understanding that leadership is everyone’s responsibility to help create an environment that is supportive and safe. An understanding that leadership comes in many different forms assists students in developing skills that will support them through their learning and personal development. Our Year 6 students are provided with a range of opportunities to develop their maturing leadership skills. Both individually and as a group, they are encouraged to lead through example, look for ways in which to provide service leadership to assist and support others both within the school environment and wider community. The special Student Leadership Induction Service held at the beginning  of the year awards the students with a Year 6 Leadership badge to identify them as our Primary School Leaders. Throughout the year, the students take responsibility for a range of activities such as leading Chapel, peer buddies fundraising, organising games for the younger students, assisting in the library or cafe and sporting carnivals. These events provide authentic learning opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Outdoor Education

Through interaction with the natural world our students are presented with opportunities to develop an understanding of our relationship with the environment, others and ourselves. Students develop self-awareness by engaging in a range of challenging outdoor activities. We believe in ‘Challenge by Choice’: for some that may actually be going on camp, for others it may be hooking into the abseiling line and merely looking over the edge, and for others it could be how many times can they climb the rock wall. The purpose of the Outdoor Education program is to develop positive relationships within self, peers, various environments and adventure. The focus throughout the program is to work through appropriate behaviours and attitudes as they impact our vital connections day to day. Our students work towards early stages of personal and social competence and ethical behaviour as they construct relationships within the cohort, and work towards an attitude of environmental stewardship. The students are given and integrated approach between practical experiences, the environment and conceptual understandings. They develop self-awareness by engaging in a range of challenging outdoor activities. They enhance personal and group skills, and build confidence, empathy and self-understanding. Working with others enables students to better understand group dynamics and enhances their leadership qualities and decision making abilities. The College has a strong commitment to Outdoor Education experiences. The Outdoor Education program is an important part of the students’ school curriculum. All activities have been chosen and sequenced to meet the aims of the camp and to suit the students’ age and abilities. At all times the emotional and physical safety of the students is paramount. During all activities, students are supervised by one College staff member and one specialist instructor, who are skilled in the activity and in first aid. Student activity groups are covered by a safety network incorporating mobile phones and medical support.


Following in the Anglican tradition of faithful service, the Service Program at The Springfield Anglican College facilitates student academic learning through meaningful service experiences, which encourage and enable our students to positively impact the community. We seek to bring our students and community together in partnership to share resources, meet real community needs, and help to educate our students to become the change agents of tomorrow. Our students are given the opportunity to have a local, national and international impact in our service activities. Our program enhances students’ learning by enabling them to practice skills and test classroom knowledge through related service experiences in the local community. Our service program enhances intellectual development, helps our students gain crucial moral and ethical skills, and nurtures their social and civic responsibility.


We focus on the development of all aspects of your child’s growth. Through the adoption of a holistic approach to education, we aim to provide all students with a wealth of opportunities for all students to hone their talents and passions in areas such as the Creative Arts, Sport and through Service. Research strongly supports students being active participants in extracurricular programs and through their involvement, having powerful opportunities to develop a range of important attributes, many of which link back positively to academic achievement. Teamwork, self-discipline, organisational skills and the development of emotional intelligence and resilience form some of the clear benefits of such involvement.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts is a vibrant and active department within the College and the wider community, incorporating the disciplines of Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts. All staff within these subject areas are highly-qualified and experienced educators who regularly participate in professional development within their respective fields. In Primary schooling, there are many opportunities for involvement in graded string ensembles, guitar ensemble, concert bands, recorder groups, choirs, dance troupes and art clubs. Group lessons for  instruments in our extra-curricular groups are included as part of the tuition fee. A unique feature of our Music Program is our Prep Violin Program, in which every student in Prep learns the instrument. Students have the option to continue with violin in Years 1 and 2. From Years 3 to 5, all students learn a string or band instrument. Additionally, private individual tuition is available for guitar, singing, piano and a wide variety of wind, percussion and string instruments. The College has an extensive concert program in which all our ensembles are showcased. College ensembles are featured in eisteddfods across the region and in community events. The Creative Arts Faculty produces a biannual, major musical production, with students from Year 4 and above able to audition for parts in the production or be part of the stage crew. Every day we see firsthand that involvement in the Creative Arts helps students to improve their critical thinking skills, and develop personal attributes including commitment, self-discipline, teamwork and confidence.

Primary Sport
The Springfield Anglican College is a member of The Associated Schools (Junior TAS and Greater Brisbane Conference), with students in Years 4 to 6 having the opportunity to represent the College in a range of sports and carnivals against other Independent Colleges. The Junior TAS program mirrors the College’s philosophy of participation for all, where physical activity is a valuable part of a young person’s life. The Junior TAS program centres on students having the opportunity to participate in and learn the key skills of a variety of sports, as well as understanding the importance of sportsmanship, being a team player and performing to the best of their ability. Team sport fixtures are played weekly on a Saturday morning throughout each Term. For students in Prep to Year 3, a number of external providers,  including Auskick, Rookies2Reds and Total Football Academy, host optional programs throughout the year for students to participate in. Students also have the opportunity to gain high level representative selection through Queensland School Sport, with the College being a member of the Central District and Metropolitan West pathways.

Junior TAS Sport Program

  • Term 1: Cricket, Hockey, Swimming
  • Term 2: Netball, Rugby Union, Cross Country
  • Term 3: Basketball, Football, Athletics
  • Term 4: Australian Rules, Tennis, Touch Football

Clubs and Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in clubs, extension and support programs, as well as academic competitions. These provide opportunities for enhancing knowledge, skills, friendships and confidence. Students are usually invited to nominate for activities such as debating, public speaking and writing events, Da Vinci Decathlon and other intellectually stimulating pursuits. Participation with likeminded friends, as well as the opportunity to forge new relationships, are a key part of these extra-curricular activities. Equally, developing skills and an appreciation of making a commitment to a group and learning are important aspects of being a member of our community.  

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning program is based on the shared philosophy that children learn best when they are actively involved in a range of authentic and purposeful learning experiences.

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Student Care

Our students are at their best when they feel happy, safe and connected. Knowing your child is important to us. They are more than just a face in the crowd.

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Primary Schooling

All students at The Springfield Anglican College are supported in their individual growth of academic, social and emotional development.

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