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Student Care

Our students are at their best when they feel happy, safe and connected. Knowing your child is important to us. They are more than just a face in the crowd.

On the Primary Campus all members of staff place great importance on the wellbeing of the whole child. The class teachers ensure that all students receive age appropriate nurturing, support and guidance. Embedded into our framework for learning, each child is provided with opportunities for social, educational and emotional development.

From the earliest years of schooling, our students are encouraged to be the best person they can be. We support and encourage students to grow through developing a positive growth mindset.

Through the application of age appropriate lessons and through daily interactions with their teachers and peers, our students develop the confidence to navigate change, be resilient and to persevere when challenges present themselves. Most importantly, students are encouraged to build strong and positive relationships with their peers and the staff.

From Prep, students are allocated to one of our four Clans: Keith, McDuff, Robertson and Sinclair. Throughout the year, students are provided the opportunity to join with members of their Clan in events such as swimming and sports carnivals and creative arts festivities. As the students enter into the upper primary years, opportunities are also provided for the students to develop links and positive relationships with the senior students.

A peer buddy system also provides students with additional opportunities to develop positive relationships. The Year 6 students provide a positive role model to the Kindergarten students through supporting them in various learning activities. The Year 12 College leaders regularly visit the Prep students, building a warm and caring mentoring environment.

The ethos on the Primary Campus is to encourage and recognise student achievement and personal efforts across a wide range of activities. Awards and certificates celebrating excellence, high achievement and endeavour are presented to students at Chapel and at special ceremonies. We value building a strong partnership between home and school and work closely with our parents. Parents are welcomed into the Primary Campus classrooms, at Chapel each week and at our special celebratory events.

In addition to the formal curriculum program, a wide range of extra-curricular sports, creative arts and clubs are offered throughout the year. These activities build upon students’ strengths, skills and interests, providing them with a holistic and well-rounded education.

College Psychologist

Kishwar Salam,  The College Psychologist, works with students to help them flourish academically, socially, behaviourally, and emotionally. The psychologist collaborates with educators, parents and other professionals to create a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community for all students. Psychologists in schools apply their psychological and educational expertise to support students to achieve academic success, psychological health, and social and emotional wellbeing. The primary purpose of the psychologist’s work is to assist schools to address the barriers to learning for children and young people and to improve their educational achievement. Two significant barriers to educational achievement to educational achievement are mental health issues and learning difficulties. As such, the College Psychologist at TSAC is part of the Student Care and Learning Enhancement teams. In recognition of the importance of thriving community in the healthy development of staff and students, the College psychologist is also involved in a range of activities throughout the College.

The College Psychologist is located on the Secondary Campus and is available by referral by either the Head of Primary or Head of Secondary to see students and staff. All information discussed with the psychologist is confidential, except where a risk of harm to a person is identified. Information pertaining to the advancement of a student’s education may be shared with Student Care or Learning Enhancement teams with permission from students or parents.

Fore more information about the work of psychologists in schools, please see the Australian Psychological Society’s Framework for Effective Delivery of School Psychology Services.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning program is based on the shared philosophy that children learn best when they are actively involved in a range of authentic and purposeful learning experiences.

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Primary Schooling

All students at The Springfield Anglican College are supported in their individual growth of academic, social and emotional development.

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Student Life

Our vibrant and varied leadership opportunities, student activities and co-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.

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