Primary Schooling

All students at The Springfield Anglican College are supported in their individual growth of academic, social and emotional development and are encouraged to develop a mindset of striving to achieve their personal best and embracing all learning opportunities with enthusiasm.

Through an authentic, innovative and challenging curriculum, students are provided valuable learning opportunities to become creative, clever and critical thinkers. From Prep through to Year 6 and beyond, students are supported in the continued development of their creativity, enthusiasm and love of learning.

In the primary years of schooling at the College, learning is viewed as a shared experience between teacher, student and home. The well-resourced classrooms are bright and inviting, encouraging students to work to their full potential both individually and as a member of team. Parents are greatly valued as the child’s first teacher and are encouraged to share in their child’s educational journey through classroom visits, parent meetings and student progress reports. Parents are welcomed into the school and classroom environments.

Highly qualified specialist teachers support the comprehensive curriculum in Design and Technology, Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Physical Education, Chinese and Library. The Resource Centre ‘Fab Lab’ Makerspace classroom provides an additional, stimulating learning environment for students to further develop their digital and design skills through creative and collaborative learning experiences. Extensive use of computers and information technology is made accessible for the curriculum at all year levels. Students from Year 4 all have individual devices that support their learning activities. Group and class sets of iPads and Surface Pros are provided for student use in the Early Years.

Primary School Prospectus

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning program is based on the shared philosophy that children learn best when they are actively involved in a range of authentic and purposeful learning experiences.

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Student Care

Our students are at their best when they feel happy, safe and connected. Knowing your child is important to us. They are more than just a face in the crowd.

Student Life

Student Life

Our vibrant and varied leadership opportunities, student activities and co-curricular programs are vital in allowing us to achieve our goals of educating the mind, body and spirit of our students.

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