Student Wellbeing

As children grow into adolescents, their wellbeing is significantly enhanced by an understanding of the ways in which their brain works, and by being introduced to the concepts of Positive Education. In Middle School, implicit and explicit teaching of Positive Psychology skills and principles is employed to assist in this. The overarching principles of our programs of Positive Education in the Middle School are to empower students to tackle real-time issues with resilience, mindfulness and perspective.

Implicit teaching occurs at each year level, and across all aspects of School: in the classroom, student interactions, on the sports field or in the creative arts. Explicit teaching is delivered in Year 9 through specific Positive Psychology programs, while experienced classroom teachers in Year 7 and 8 aim to heighten the student’s awareness of their signature strengths.

The aims of Positive Education are to:

  • Increase the experience of positive emotions in our students;
  • Encourage students to engage their signature strengths for personal and community goals;
  • Allow students to understand how their brains and emotions work and change in this important stage of their development;
  • Engage students to live meaningful lives to find purpose and make a difference to our communities at large.

Adolescence is a time of considerable change both physically and emotionally. Through this transitional phase, students are supported through the role of the Middle School Pastoral Care Coordinator and key form tutors who have experience and expertise in the area of middle schooling.

The Middle School phase concludes with a full year course in Year 9 called ‘The Rite Journey’, a College program designed for Year 9 students which places strong emphasis on helping young people as they journey from adolescence to adulthood. The program encourages students to better understand who they are, what they value, and to develop their emotional intelligence and resilience. Students are also encouraged to engage in issues affecting the local community and wider world.

The College also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and a range of specialised programs to Middle School students to allow them to challenge themselves and develop a sense of belonging.

Teaching and Learning

The learning journey at TSAC aims to develop mindful students who are innovative, ambitious, resilient and proud of their individual achievement.

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Middle Schooling

The Middle School aims to provide a supportive and encouraging environment, conducive to learning, personal growth and development.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at The Springfield Anglican College is encouraged and developed at all levels, both formally and informally.

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At TSAC, we focus on the development of all aspects of your child’s growth.

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a fundamental aspect of the holistic nature of education.

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The Springfield Anglican College is a Christian School within the Anglican Tradition.

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