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Academic Extension

Meeting the needs of all students is a priority of The Springfield Anglican College, and the school is committed to developing high-quality learning opportunities for students of high ability, in order for them to realise their potential. To facilitate this goal, students, parents and staff are supported to identify students of high potential, and to provide access to teaching, learning and program opportunities which meet their unique learning needs.

The Springfield Anglican College recognises the diverse learning needs of high ability students’ and provides environments and programming options to maximise both their learning outcomes, and support their social and emotional development. Identification of these students is developmentally appropriate, equitable and effective and is a collaborative process. Teaching and learning programs have been developed to employ grouping strategies, appropriate differentiation strategies for high ability learners, extension and enrichment of learning, and where appropriate, accelerated pathways, to cater to the needs of our high potential students.

High potential students across the school are provided with a number of programs to extend and enrich their learning. TSAC is committed to ongoing professional development of staff in curriculum differentiation and strategies to support diverse learning needs, including the needs of high ability learners. Students may be provided with opportunities to be grouped with like minded peers to develop both their intellectual potential, and to support their social and emotional development.

Learning options which have been shown to be effective for high ability students include:

  • Extending and enriching content
  • Accelerating content
  • Curriculum and assessment differentiation
  • Flexible grouping strategies
  • Compacting of curriculum content
  • In depth study of an interest area
  • Project based learning (PBL) environments
  • Open ended problem solving and activities that promote critical and creative thinking
  • Negotiated Personal Learning Plan (PLP) with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking, content and skill extension and enrichment and accelerated pathways

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Accelerated Learning Pathways

An important strategy to support some high ability students is the opportunity to accelerate their learning in their area of strength and passion.

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Co-Curricular Enrichment

The Springfield Anglican College encourages students of high ability to participate in co -curricular activities which extend and enrich them.

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