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Ipswich Eisteddfod Results: College Ensembles

Mon , 22/05/2023

For the past week, nine of the College’s Primary and Secondary ensembles have competed at the Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod with outstanding results. Most of our ensembles or choirs achieved a place for their performances. This is a credit to the outstanding work of our ensemble conductors, Mrs Alloway, Mr Lancuba, Ms Leask, Mrs Wild, Mr Alloway, Mrs Wilson; our accompanist Mr Philippe; our Creative Arts Coordinators, Mrs Alloway and Mrs Wild; as well as Mrs Mitchell, Ms Harmer and Mrs Ahern for their support.

Congratulations are also extended to all of the students who competed in solo events.

On Tuesday, the TSAC Chorale, with singers in Years 4 to 6, displayed exceptional energy and enthusiasm as they sang “Underneath the Sea” and “I must clean my room”. They achieved a competitive score of 94 points and were awarded a Very Highly Commended.

TSAC Chorale

On Tuesday evening, two of our ensembles competed against each other in the Small Ensembles category (for ensembles with 4-12 players). The TSAC Woodwind Ensemble and TSAC Chamber Strings performed exceptionally well, both playing without a conductor, displaying advanced communication skills, and high levels of musicality and technical skill. The TSAC Woodwind Ensemble performed “Hallelujah” and “The Entertainer”, and placed 3rd with 90 points. The TSAC Chamber Strings played “Beauty and the Beast” and a movement from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.3, and placed 2nd, with 91 points, just 1 point in front of the TSAC Woodwind Ensemble.

The TSAC Animato String Ensemble performed “Vikings” followed by a movement from a Vivaldi Concerto in the String Orchestra section. Their overall sound was outstanding, and they demonstrated a mastery of some technically difficult music to achieve 1st place with 91 points.

On Wednesday, the TSAC Junior Choir came first in their Choral section. The singers in Years 1 to 3 were awarded 95 points for their renditions of “Coconut Bananas” and “Tiny Bubbles”.

Junior Choir

Wednesday night was band night.  The TSAC Symphonic Wind Ensemble performed “Africa” and “Themes from Godzilla” with an outstanding depth of sound and expression. They placed third in their section with 90 points. The TSAC Stage Band performed “Doxy” and “Mr Blue Sky” with outstanding solos from Daniel Berry-Porter, Suraya Elshemy, and Oliver Walsh. They were awarded 2nd Place with 92 points.

On Thursday, the Grainger String Ensemble placed second place in the Primary String Orchestra section. Conducted by My Lancuba, they achieved 89 points as they played “Medieval Knights” and “Mouth Patrol”.

Members of TSAC’s Secondary ensembles

Finally, on Friday night, the Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod held “Choral Fest”. Our Senior Vocal Collective performed “La La Land” and “In Flander’s Fields” and achieved second place and an aggregate of 96 points.

Congratulations to all musicians and choristers for your dedication and commitment!

(l-r) TSAC Chorale; TSAC Woodwind Ensemble and TSAC Chamber Strings; TSAC Animato String Ensemble; TSAC Junior Choir; TSAC Symphonic Wind Ensemble; TSAC Stage Band; TSAC Grainger String Ensemble; TSAC Vocal Collective.

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