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Getting Ready For High School And The Best Way To Go About It

Fri , 20/01/2023
High school students

Starting at a Springfield college this year? Let’s get you ready for school and for the future. After all, the more comfortable young people feel going into senior secondary school, the more likely they are to thrive. At The Springfield Anglican College Qld, we are here to help students and parents get ready for high school. Check out our top tips for preparing to succeed in senior secondary school.

Talk To Students About Secondary School Springfield

High school is a time of physical changes and emotional development, and young people can benefit from talking to an adult they love and trust. Try to be open with your child and encourage honest conversations about starting at a Springfield college, including what’s different from primary to secondary school. Don’t be afraid to share your own experiences in high school.

Get Connected to School Resources

Parents should have open discussions with primary students about upcoming secondary school and what to expect. The earlier students can start mentally preparing for this shift, the better. Review exciting opportunities in secondary school and responsibilities within the classroom, as well as homework. If your child has concerns, you can connect them with the school community or friends/family who have recently transitioned from primary to secondary school.

Prepare & Practice Early

Before the first day of secondary school at Springfield, do a trial run with your child. Make sure they are comfortable with walking, biking, or public transport to get to and from school. If you’ll be driving, confirm who is dropping them off and picking them up. This is a good time to establish a backup plan in case there are any transport issues, or your child needs to get in touch with you. Remember to finalise their uniform and school supplies early so that no one has to rush around the day before.

Enjoy a Positive Learning Environment at Springfield Anglican College

We hope these tips will help you and your child in the days and weeks leading up to the first day back in the classroom.

Have further questions about secondary school at Springfield? Contact The Springfield Anglican College today to discuss secondary schooling Qld and how to set your child up for long-lasting success.

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