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Fri , 18/08/2017

Those of you who have visited the Secondary Campus in recent weeks will have noticed that construction work on the new Resource Centre has begun in earnest, with completion of the project expected for the start of Term 1, 2018. This is the first of a series of exciting upgrades to the College facilities which will occur over the next 6 months, so that we can ensure that we are providing the classrooms and environments for our students which will optimise their learning spaces and maximise their opportunities for success. In this newsletter, I would like to introduce you to some of the changes scheduled to occur.

Secondary Resource Centre

The purpose of a Resource Centre in schools, once more routinely referred to as a Library, has changed over the last 20 years. Resource Centres for 21st Century Learners need to be multi-faceted and flexible, able to meet a number of objectives. Naturally, the great benefits of a well-stocked Library need to be maintained, but also flexible and modern learning spaces are needed so that students can engage in individual and group learning in a variety of modes – formal and informal, structured and social.

The new Resource Centre on the Secondary Campus will achieve each of these objectives and more. With a Library space, 5 classrooms spaces of differing sizes and with 3 of which that can open up into one large space, outdoor learning areas, and modern, comfortable and portable furniture which can be used in a variety of ways. The building is also designed to optimise the fresh air and natural light, which research has clearly demonstrated is beneficial to learning, abundant in our beautiful bushland setting, making it a lovely place to study, learn and relax.

As well as the traditional loans desk for books, the Resource Centre will also house our ICT Helpdesk and IT staff, allowing students who need assistance with an IT problem to drop in and get help or a loan device if their own needs repair.

Year 7 Precinct

To be completed by Easter 2018, our Year 7 students will also be able to enjoy newly renovated learning spaces which have been designed around the unique needs of that age group. The classrooms, B Block, will be expanded by the introduction of undercover outdoor learning areas with different modes of flexible and comfortable furniture, open connectivity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, increasing physical space for growing bodies, maximising natural light and air flow, and providing increased opportunities for learning styles which can provide experiences for project based, collaborative work which has been demonstrated to be of great benefit to young adolescent learners. The precinct will also provide dedicated locker spaces for Year 7 students, and an outside area with handball courts and play space for their exclusive use.

Secondary STEM and Innovation Centre

We have recently made modifications to G Block, allowing for greater connectivity between the Innovation labs in that building, aiding us in achieving our STEM objectives.

A good education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will be crucial to the future success in the workplace for your child, and for 2018, further to the recent physical changes to this building, we will be opening our Concept, Creation, Logic and Design Labs, which will allow for the creative, design and production processes characteristic of STEM. In the Logic Lab in particular, students will be provided exciting, collaborative opportunities for coding, programming and robotics.

Primary B Block

Renovations will take place in this area of the Primary Campus, currently housing Year 5 students, to cleverly turn the 2 current classrooms into 3 larger learning spaces for Year 1 students in 2018. These new spaces will create zones for learning, incorporate outside learning and play spaces, and create areas which are larger, more colourful and conducive to the learning styles of our early learners.

Secondary Admin Building

Lastly, over the Christmas Break we will be making some changes to the Admin Building, to create increased functionality for our staff, and enhance the visitor experience. Upgrades will include more contemporary office spaces, the inclusion of a board room, an expanded staff room and a revamped Reception and waiting area.

I have every confidence that these developments of our physical resources will significantly enhance the learning experience of our students on both campuses, and provide more contemporary spaces for our expert teachers to work and get the best out of them.

I’d like to offer my great thanks too, to the many staff who have taken significant roles in ensuring that these new spaces will be suited to your child’s needs. In particular, I would like to thank Tania Brewer, Head of Primary, Kate Frewin, Teaching and Learning Coordinator (P-6), Mike King (Head of eLearning), Allison Maklary, Rebecca Newman and Mel Ellis (Secondary Admin staff) and Kelly Whitehorne (Secondary Librarian) for their work in helping develop the plans for these spaces. I would also like to thank architectural firm Fulton Trotter for their great work in realising our ideas.

Secondary Open Day

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Secondary Open Day, on Saturday 26 August, where you will not only be able to speak to our staff about these developments, but the fantastic work in learning, sport and creative arts which will be offered in 2018.

The Open Day is an excellent opportunity to see for yourself the vibrancy and energy on the campus, to hear of the excellent Year 7 – 12 holistic education that is offered to your child, and to speak to and hear from key teachers and staff. The Open Day also provides a valuable opportunity to catch up with other parents over coffee, witness our Creative Arts groups in performance, and see our sports teams engaged in GBC competition.

Should you wish to book to come and visit us on Open Day, please click here.

Darren Pitt

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