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From the Principal

Fri , 04/08/2017

The sense of community spirit, togetherness and care that is evident at TSAC on a daily basis is truly inspiring.  One of the great privileges of my job is that it allows me opportunities to become involved in a variety of enriching experiences, and the last two weeks have been an excellent demonstration of the great number of rewarding experiences that we offer our students.

The Addams Family
Like many of you, I had the great pleasure of watching the College musical in Week 2. The Addams Family was a triumphant success.

The professionalism and polish of the performances was remarkable, but as an educator what struck me most was the power of the experience for the students involved. I had the benefit of some backstage access, and there I saw comradery and team spirit, creativity and a wonderful sense of fun.

By Friday I was also seeing some pretty tired students and staff members too, and I am very grateful for the time and energy they invested into it. Being in a production is a powerful experience, and one that young people never forget – great relationships are built there, and the memories and life lessons about commitment and team work that are created abide for a lifetime.

My warm thanks to Anneliese Alloway, Director of Creative Arts, and her team for their wonderful work in providing this powerful opportunity for the students.

Inter-Clan Athletics
In Week 3, the students were again involved in an experience that will build relationships and memories that they will carry with them through life. The Inter-Clan Athletics Carnival was a fabulous occasion, with athletes competing with great passion, Clan spirit, and with Year 12 resplendent in their fancy dress.

Congratulations to Clan Sinclair, the overall winners on the day, and to the student who broke 29 College records, including Kadin Pritchard who was responsible for breaking 4 of them.

My great thanks to Mr Holmes, Director of Sport, and Mrs Ahern for their excellent organisation, and all of the teachers and those parents who were able to attend for their help.

Stadium Stomp
The TSAC spirit was also clear last Sunday, when a team of teachers, staff and students undertook the Stadium Stomp – a challenge to climb up and down every stair of The Gabba (all 5000 of them!), and finish with a lap of the iconic oval.

Team TSAC of myself, Mrs Ball, Mrs Crosby, Mrs Maklary, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Meiklejohn, Mrs Newman, Mr Patmore, Mr Whitehorne, and students Zac Crosby, Monique Nguyen and Georgie Parfrement did the College proud and was highly visible as its members ran in College sports uniform. Mr Holmes was a late out, suffering with old man’s injury (calf).

Stadium Stomp was a lot of fun, a great example of community spirit, and I would encourage other staff, students and parents to get involved in other events as they are advertised.

Such high profile events are easy to write about – they are on the College calendar and are full of colour and energy. But what marks TSAC out as a school, what really impresses me and what is a clear indication of a sense of community, are the little things that people do for one another. They can easily go unnoticed, but they make a profound impact.

Service to others, doing something for someone else because you want to and not because you have to, looking out for others and understanding that you can make a positive difference in the life of someone else is the hallmark of a good school.

As an example, some of you may know that Julie Blackley, our HR and Compliance Officer, is unwell having being diagnosed with cancer. Last week, returning to the College after a day in hospital, Julie contacted me to show me her office – in her absence it had been decorated in bright colours, post-it notes with supportive messages of love and support, drawings and notes of encouragement, by Mrs Patch and the students in her Year 10A and Extension English classes. This lovely, selfless act made a profound difference in Julie’s day, and I am so proud of their effort they went to make someone else feel loved and good about themselves.

The TSAC community is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Darren Pitt

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