From the Principal

Fri , 13/10/2017


An important part of a young person’s holistic education is in leadership, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain how we will be providing excellent opportunities in leadership in 2018 and beyond.

Our philosophy of student leadership is that each young person at the College has opportunities to lead, and this leadership can come in a variety of forms. We have formal leadership positions of course, and more of this later in this article, but we also have expectations of all of our students that they will take opportunities to informally lead on a daily basis and on a variety of scales. They can do so by acting responsibly for the younger students, taking proactive steps to assist others, engage with students who they see doing the wrong thing and so on.

We want our students to be good leaders, and the majority of our students take up both formal and informal leadership roles.

In 2018 Mr Graham Swinton, current Head of Middle School, will take up the position of Director of Student Activities. This is a very important role in the College, and will have an impact on both campuses. Graham, who has enormous experience and expertise in this, will oversee Leadership and as such will work with students on Primary and Secondary.

Formal Leadership Roles in 2018

Last week in the Secondary assembly, Mr Swinton spoke to the students about the processes for electing leaders and our expectations of those leaders once in position. Graham will also speak to the Primary students at an upcoming Chapel about the same thing. As we have previously done, we will have formal leadership positions in Year 6, 9 and 12 as outlined below.

Year 12Year 9Year 6
College Captain (Male)Middle School Captain (Male)Primary School Captain (Male)
College Captain (Female)Middle School Captain (Female)Primary School Captain (Female)
Clan Captain (4 positions)Primary School Clan Captain (4 positions)
Creative Arts CaptainMiddle School Creative Arts CaptainPrimary School Creative Arts Captain
Service CaptainMiddle School Service CaptainPrimary School Service Captain
Sports CaptainMiddle School Sports CaptainPrimary School Sports Captain
Prefect (2 positions)

Year 12 Leadership
New in 2018 for Year 12 leadership roles will be aspects of the process for election, which is outlined in the document at the link below. These new processes will ensure that students who nominate for leadership roles understand the responsibilities they will be tasked with, and, crucially, the accountability that goes with the role. Equally, the new processes will make sure that the right candidates are allocated to roles which suit their skills and interests.

The process, which now includes submitting a letter of application and a two-minute video, will then be followed by student and staff votes. As an outcome of this voting process, candidates will be interviewed.

For the first time in 2018, prefects and Year 12 leaders will also be given a blazer which is different to that worn by the rest of the students. This blazer will allow them to stand out, and to proudly be identified as leaders of the student body. This blazer, the design of which the current Year 11 cohort has had an input, will be a gift from the College to the successful candidates and is a symbol of the trust the College is placing in them to fulfil their roles.

Of course, leaders are expected to uphold certain standards and fulfil certain roles. In 2018, to assist them in that, Mr Swinton will conduct Termly review meetings with each Year 12 leader during which their performance as a leader will be assessed, and any necessary goals for the upcoming Term agreed upon.

We want to ensure that we are positioning our Year 12 leaders with the skills they will need to go on and be effective and active leaders on a local, national and global scale, and I am confident that these new processes under Mr Swinton’s oversight will provide the fairness, transparency and excellent appointments which will benefit the whole community.

The process for appointing formal leaders in Years 12, 9 and 6 will begin shortly, and please find at the link below the selection criteria and overview of the process.

Parents and Friends Committee: Twilight Markets

As you will know on Saturday 4 November we will be hosting our wonderful community event, Twilight Markets. As part of these fundraising activities the TSAC Parent and Friends Association will be having a Cake, Jam & Preserves Stall and are seeking community donations of home made cakes, jams and preserves.

To enable us to adequately prepare, handle and store the goods received, we’re asking contributors to provide details on what they’re bringing via an online form by clicking here.  The link also provides access to the QLD Government Food Preparation, Handling & Labeling Guidelines.

In further exciting news Ben Ungermann, 2017 MasterChef Grand Finalist, will be at the cake, jam and preserves stall between 4:00pm and 6:00pm to meet the community and for photo opportunities.

We look forward to your contribution and to seeing you at the markets.

Darren Pitt

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