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Fri , 10/11/2017

Last week, we celebrated the wonderful achievements of our students and staff at the Creative Arts Awards Night. Also treated to a film of highlights of the year, dance performances and improvised drama, we took great delight in announcing all of the Creative Arts Award winners, a full list of which can be found here.

Below for your information are the speeches delivered on the evening by myself, and Director of Creative Arts Anneliese Alloway.

Principal’s Address

Good evening, and may I extend my welcome to you to our 2017 Creative Arts Awards Night.

I want to start with a bold statement: Creative Arts changes lives.

They create memories that can stay with a person for a lifetime, and they can provide experiences which can shape character.

I have been in education a long time, and when I bump into or hear from students from previous schools, it is always the creative arts activities that they refer to first in conversation. The memories and stories created by involving oneself in dance, drama, music and art are powerful and long lasting, and it is for these reasons that we so value it as part of a TSAC education.

As an example, when I was at university I was cast in a production of Bertolt Brecht’s play, Mother Courage and Her Children.

I played the part of Second Soldier, and I didn’t have much to do in the play, but at the end of one of the scenes I had a dramatic moment in which I had to chase a criminal off the stage calling the words ‘We’re all for the court-martial!’

We rehearsed it, and I had the line nailed. But then the director, about half way through rehearsals, decided that we were going to do the play as a musical and told me that as I said my line I had to run off stage and do a split leap as I said it.

Well, I can’t do a split leap. I told the director that, and he said – ‘it’s fine, you’ll make it.’

Well, I didn’t make it. I fell in a heap on the floor. Every day for a month in rehearsals, I didn’t make it and I fell in a heap on the floor, and I stressed about it and worried about letting my team down.

But then it came to the final rehearsal and something incredible happened. The director did his part – as I prepared for my big moment, he yelled over the PA system – ‘Darren! If you are going to fail – fail like you mean it!’

And that, I did. I didn’t make that split leap, in the rehearsal, or dress rehearsal or in any of the performances, but I did fail like I meant it every single time.

And it was an experience that changed me. My university friends and I still laugh about it, I still look back on it as a moment when I could have lacked courage and dropped out but didn’t, and it was something that I tried hard at and couldn’t get – that taught me a lesson, you can’t always make that split leap in life, but you can still try, and if you fail you can fail giving it everything.

For the full Principal’s Address, please click here

From Anneliese Alloway, Director of Creative Arts

I warmly welcome you to our 2017 Creative Arts Awards Evening.

This evening is a time to celebrate the extensive achievements of our Creative Arts students across the 2017 school year, and take time to reflect on the gains made by all in The Springfield Anglican College Creative Arts Extra-Curricular Program.

This year, we saw significant growth in the Creative Arts Program.

Our Dance Program expanded to include a third Primary Dance Ensemble to meet demand and the sheer talent in this area on our Primary Campus.

Our Band Program also expanded to include a second Jazz-style ensemble, the Junior Stage Band, also on our Primary Campus. Interest in Visual Arts was so strong that we created a second Primary Visual Arts Club.

The passion of the cast members of The Addams Family Musical created the necessity to form the Senior Vocal Collective in Term 3, an advanced vocal group for our Secondary students.

Our String Program became so large that we needed to hold the annual String Showcase for over 100 of our string students at the Ipswich Civic Centre.

Our inaugural Band Showcase demonstrated a similar need for 2018.

We launched the Senior Art Exhibition in Term 2, in which our Senior Art Students were able to show their work in a formal setting to their friends, family and teachers, accompanied beautifully by our Senior Chamber Strings.

We have seen the engagement of Mr Alexander Harris as Primary and Secondary Guitar Teacher and Director of the new Senior Rock Band and Junior Guitar Ensemble.

Mrs Kelly Kennedy has joined Mrs Vicki Englund as a second Piano Teacher to meet the needs of students on both the Primary and Secondary Campuses.

We have engaged the services of Mr Benjamin Drozdovskii and Mr Daniel Phillipe as Piano Accompanists for our College Choirs.

Mrs Elizabeth Plumb was appointed to teach singing on both the Primary and Secondary Campuses, and recently as the Director of the Senior Vocal Collective.

Since 2015, we have increased our Extra-Curricular Creative Arts offerings by over 30%.

For the full speech from Mrs Anneliese Alloway, please click here.

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